Mamelodi Staff Complains About Illegal Working Hours

The staff from Mamelodi working for the party shop and pop-up Christmas shop in Pretoria is complaining about long unpaid working hours. The owner of the two shops force her staff to work from 9am to 7pm. ” We only get 30 minutes lunch and is not enough, we don’t have tea breaks but just when we go to the bathroom”, said one of the staff members. The staff says other employees were sacked for complaining about their working hours and little money. According to the staff two people were sacked and one left within a period of two weeks and the other got a job somewhere else. One of the workers took the owner to court. It is not yet know what were the results. Others are planning to leave the shop by the end of the month. “I’m staying because I have no where else to work, I need money and I need to live. She’s always shouting at us and her words are hurtful, we don’t get pay slips when we get paid, we don’t get paid for working over time and we suspect that the shop is not registered. The customers also complained to her about how she’s treating us but she never stopped”, said one of the other staff members. The owner when she was shouting at one of the staff member mentioned that she doesn’t care about what other shops do, if the don’t do their work they are wasting their time and life. She said that her shop is not just a shop and workers shouldn’t just work for money they need to take their job seriously.


I don’t understand how someone let her employees to work 13 days without a day off because “is December and it get’s to busy” so she says. I mean according to the law, you should work 45 hours a week and I believe that working over times they should be paid for. The staff should at least get an hour break or lunch, 30 minutes is nothing. Something really has to be done about this shops. We can let other people get away with exploiting their stuff and reason being that they pay them. I can’t even call this a pay.

The staff works for 10 hours a day for 13 days and earn R 2500 and on December they get plus or minus R 500 bonus of which I believe it should be their pay. I wonder why we have a lot of young people siting at home with no jobs some of them are avoiding such things, a lot of crime in the country and even corruption because we let people like this to get away with it. This is not how people should be treated. Not only shops but also restaurants who doesn’t pay their staff wages and expect them to live off tips I mean really, how much will you be making out of a tip! Personally I’m disgusted of what is happening around us and unfortunately I come across this things when I work for my holidays. It pains me more because I don’t know what to do about it and I hate seeing it!

I suggest we don’t support such businesses reason being that the more we support them the more they don’t see anything wrong about it. For some of them who are ignorant they will keep on doing it.

By: Fortunate Machaba


It’s About Time!

Christmas is just around the corner and it will be so exciting to know what other people do for Xmas.



I’ll tell you about what my family and I do. We just putted up the Christmas tree, as lovely as it is from the photograph believe me it’s even better looking in reality. Although I wasn’t really there when they put this tree up. Well most of the times, things at home just happens when I’m at work and I mean good things!

Going back to the Christmas time, today when I was at the Christmas shop where I work for my holidays, the customer came in and asked for wraps to use for presents that she bought for street kids. Gosh! I missed a good story because I was on duty. Anyway, later this evening when I was reading a newspaper, I read an article about a group of senior citizens from Atteridgeville who gave elders early Chrismas presents yesterday. Like a lot of people out there are doing the same for the people in the community. That is called bringing back to the community.

You know there is a saying that “There is no place like home”, I know you recall that saying right?. To me home doesn’t necessarily mean your home where you grew up with your family, at some point I see the community as home as well. Putting a smile on someone’s face wont hurt. Sometimes we do what we do because we want to impress other people but have you really considered what impress you?I would if I were you .

We are approaching Christmas and a New year. It gets really busy this time of the year and dangerous too, please be careful out there. What ever you do think about your life, future as well as others. I’m wishing you a marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By: Fortunate Machaba 


BlackLives & Matemba Celebrated World Aids Day


IMG-20171203-WA0005There is so much to do in the community for children including orphans and vulnerable. Reverting to do more for the community, BlackLive (local clothing brand) together with Matemba (drop in centre) have gathered for children’s Christmas party and also celebrated Worlds Aids Day. The event took place in Mamelodi extension 4 near the community library on the 1st of December. The organization have organized the party and BlackLives joined in and donated clothes for the children.

IMG-20171203-WA0003On that day the children were performing drama, dance and the best performers won prizes. “The event was to encourage children to dream big despite their backgrounds and to make them feel loved and secure. There is no worst feeling than seeing children with no proper clothes, I really feel touched when giving them a word of motivation. It felt like they needed those words in order for them to start believing in themselves”, said Fortune Mduduzi Zondo, founder of BlackLives . He added that the feeling of helping the kids was great, seeing those humble and innocent souls happy and his aim was to add hope. He thanked his business partner Mbongeni Habile for helping him making this happen. About 70 kids attended the event tat day. City of Tshwane sponsored the event and the event started at 10 am.

By: Fortunate Machaba


A 26 year old man handed himself to the Police on the 22th of November 2017 in the morning at Mamelodi East after allegedly stabbing and killing his girlfriend with a sharp object in extension 20.

The suspect approached the police early that day to confess. The 22 year old deceased was a tenant who was renting in the backrooms in extension 20 and a sharp object was found to have killed her.

A case of murder is opened and the suspect will appear in Mamelodi Court.

By: Itshokeng Nkadimeng

About 70 Kids Attended YMCA International Prayer Week

IMG-20171121-WA0009YMCA celebrated their international prayer week on Saturday in Mameldi East. The main purpose was to empower young people about life, leadership and service. 70 kids from the community attended the service that day. “It was a great day to spend in the presence of God and the youth. Every year YMCA has international prayer week, so on the sixth day of prayer, all the YMCA’s come together and pray. Mamelodi YMCA was the host this year”, said Pastor Lesiba Raphokoane. The Soweto and Ga-rankuwa YMCA were also part of the prayer as well as other stakeholders.  YMCA has three locals in Gauteng which assisted in organising the event.

IMG-20171121-WA0015During the event, they had variety of activities on stage. They had dancers, poets, karate kids and drama kids performing. “Mamelodi YMCA is alive and active, we urge young people around Mamelodi to come to Mamelodi YMCA to enjoy themselves as they are preparing for life”, Added Pastor Raphokoane. YMCA have other activities such as Y-Zone, it’s a program aiming at providing after care programs, Y-Justice, an advocacy program that provides awareness and prevention through the communities and giving back positive results in the YMCA, Y-Arts, which is a development of arts and culture through activities in local YMCA’s that include drama and music.

IMG-20171121-WA0013PortianTshepe, Matsepo from Soweto YMCA and Phuthegi banda from Ga-Rankuwa YMCA came to Mamelodi as representatives of their branches. Pastor Raphokoane and Monica Tshabalala were representing Mamelodi YMCA. Pastor Raphokoane asked the parents to release their children to come to YMCA in Mamelodi East and for the parents who would like their children to participate in their programs, they are urged to contact the Chairperson of the board, Mr Thapelo Rantho on 0721923218 or Secretary Pastor Lesiba Raphokoane on 0732734421 or Youth Facilitator, Monica Tshabalala 0733361938.

By: Fortunate Machaba 

Library Offers Community With More Resource

IMG-20171116-WA0010IkamvaYouth opened their library on Thursday in Mamelodi West D6, to promote literacy and a culture of reading to students in the community. “We decided to open the library because we wanted to promote literacy and also promote the culture of reading. Our library is also stocked with books for different schools subjects so that our learners can have different references to help them in their academic development”, said Neo Rakoma.

The establishment of the library was facilitated by Progress SA Foundation who help disadvantaged schools with establishing their libraries including science laboratories, after school programs, arts and crafts, sports & sports field and renovation of schools. They donated shelves, facilitated  books donations to Ikamva and books were sourced are from Protea Book Shop, family & friends. Ikamva Youth managed to source books from Credo Book Shop. Coca Cola Beverages South Africa assisted with ensuring that the library was secured and Micasa Tours donated paint for the library.



The speaker of the day was author Zama Gamede. Zama writes Life Skills books that are targeting high school learners. One of her books, “Minding the Gap Hitchhikers Guide to the Working World”, takes graduates through the journey of the human resources process. The books gives “job seekers” ideas of what to expect when they enter the world of work.



According to Neo Rakoma, they feel proud about having the library because they believe that it’s an investment to the future of children.


IkamvaYouth is an NPO (Non-profit Organisation) that is aimed at developing young people through education.

They offer a variety of lessons including tutoring sessions from Grade 9-12 in all subjects 3 times a week, also offer computer literacy classes, career guidance, mentorship for all grades but focusing more on the grade 9’s since they help them choose subjects for the next Grade.

With the Grade 12 students, they assist them with choosing the right career paths. The school also do Life Skills sessions to create an awareness on the social ills that affect the youth. They also offer Media Image Expression which allows students to express themselves through arts and media.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Artist Of The Week!

PTM_8899Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada, a fast rising independent Artist and have been in the industry since he was a teen. Don Dada pushes boundaries to move from strength to strength and well known as a GameChanger.

He is currently promoting his EP that he dropped on 1912OnlineRadio as already has the first few radio interviews scheduled even though it is still in the process of making it available for downloads on digital platforms.

One of his FB pages is the evidence of his journey.

Top Six Facts, under title: Dada claims the hashtags: #Game Changer:

  1. First artist ever [globally] to have an in-house broadcasting station – Dada runs his segment HipHop4Life #DadaFriday from his studio . 1912Radio set up the branch to accommodate him This segment is also the first full Facebook Live show that is fast gaining popularity from across the globe on Friday nights – attached a compliment received from the UK. The 20th October episode has over 10k views and 30 shares even though this show is 8 weeks old and not broadly advertised. This shows has alreal attracted established artists, to date we have interview the likes of Bongani Fassie, DaLES and his full F2D camp, Benny Afro and Mutherland/GettoRuff HipHop artist to name a few
  2. Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada an independent artist, debut on the 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage.
  3. Released the Official 2017 Mandela Song supported by Content Connect Africa,  MTN and approved by the Nelson Mandela Foundation
  4. Don Dada was the only male artist interviewed on 2017 woman’s day dedicating his track ‘We Appreciate You’ to woman. He was interviewed on 2 stations on woman’s day [1912Radio and Kofifi].
  5. Best performing [stats related] 2016 MTN Tweet guest and was invited back as the 1st 2017 Tweet Guest – reports attached
  6. Was invited to and captured the Zimbabwean market including opening act on their Shooting Stars Reggae Concert – This concert was a milestone reached in Zimbabwean Music History as the first time that 2 major Jamaican artists [Beenie and Demarco] performed on different stages at the same time. This takes his reach outside of SA.

Download the link below, it contains his AVANT GARDE album and VIVA Mandela single:

His EP is available for you on digital platforms from now on and from the 25th November in Zimbabwe and finally on every digital platform globally thereafter.

Have a look at the latest articles written about Don Dada :  Don Dada had a successful launch on Friday 1st September.

The VIVA Mandela music video

The 3 AVANT Garde music videos are on YouTube:

V8 COUPE: 14k views

A- TEAM: 19k views

PRISOM: 11k views

His personal Facebook page is testimony of his journey

His social media handle on Twitter, Instagram and FB fan page @dondadamusic

His journey is inspirational as it talks to commitment, dedication and action to make any dream a reality.  A shining STAR

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada would be the suitable candidate as his journey inspires others to follow.

For more information contact Layla Gibbons +27832126426 /  +27833834016

By: Fortunate Machaba


Fraudsters Targeting SASSA Beneficiaries

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is raising concerns about beneficiaries who have received fake SMS’s from people claiming to be SASSA officials. They claim that there is a Christmas competition which beneficiaries should enter so they win a prize. In order for them to enter the competition the fraudsters asked beneficiaries for their ID Numbers, Pins and SASSA card number.

The SMS’s read as follow “Dear SASSA client, you are selected in our Christmas draw 10 out of 100 clients can win 1500 that will be in your account the 1st of December 2017. Please urgently reply/ sms to enter in draw your ID no, last 4 digits of card no & your pin. Lucky Christmas draw… Sassa Head Office”

Beneficiaries are warned that if they get this sms is a scam and urged to ignore it. It is said that SASSA will never ask for your pin or card number. The Agency does nit have Christmas competition. Clients are reminded to keep their pin as secret . “Beneficiaries of social grants need to be extra vigilant during this time of the year, as they are many fraudsters who will target the innocent and vulnerable”, said Perl Bhengu, SASSA CEO. Beneficiaries are urged to call SASSA  on 0800601011 for confirmation if offers.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Another Group Achieves At Impendulo

IMG-20171114-WA0003Impendulo Foundation had students graduation party on Friday at Nelmapius, extension 2 community hall. Students attended their month entrepreneur and life skills course.

“This graduation was at a better level in terms of the learners. They were more committed, focused and stuck through it till the end which is a very important trait of an entrepreneur, stakeholder engagement- more stakeholders and partnerships came on board as a result resources to celebrate the achievement were not much of a challenge”, said Wendy Mpendulo, the founder. She added that the most exciting part about the course was the entrepreneural capabilities of the learners.

The event was organised by the students from beginning till the end.  They have organized from décor to catering. The community leader, councillor, Mr T. Ntlaleng gave the organisation a great support and sponsored the event.  Wendy said their support made their work much easier.

Students had to pitch their business ideas on the day of graduation and this time’s pitch was more about  quality. Wendy mentioned that the learners are ready to take on the world and create sustainable jobs and they are looking forward to the learners enrolling for the Advanced Course of Leather Manufacturing and Mixed Farming so that they can acquire more tangible skills they can use and ensure that they run a sustainable business. IMG-20171114-WA0006

According to Wendy Mpendulo, it is a great achievement for the NPO especially during this GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) and month. They are very happy to have contributed in poverty alleviation and job creation in our country. We are sure that Nellmapius will never remain the same ever. “I truly thank God for this wonderful opportunity to contribute to the divine fullfillment of humankind”, added Wendy.

During the occassion there were feedbacks from parents in attendance, appreciating the work of the foundation and ensuring that their kids are equiped and offered skills that parents would not normally afford to pay for. Also that they are kept away from loittering and involved in drug and criminal activities. “Impendulo classes have been fruitful, most of us never thought of working for ourselves but with a bit of help from Impendulo we have developed the entrepreneur skills and going to be our own bosses”, said Itumeleng Khoza, one of the students.

By: Fortunate Machaba



Taxi Strike Left Mamelodi Commuters Stranded


one of the busiest roads in Mamelodi, Phase 3 is quiet.

The National Taxi strike left Mamelodi residents stranded this morning. Most of the passengers were not aware of the strike and were awaiting as they were going to work. Tsamaya road was also blocked this morning. The taxi drivers marched to the Union Buildings this morning and handed over the memorandum of grievances to the Department of transport. It is said that the Department is given up to 21 days to respond.


It is not yet known what are their demands yet. “we can’t go to work for our kids today but I have reported at work. It is good for them that they are striking, it is for their own benefit, because at least they will be able to replace it tomorrow and we wont be able to replace ours so it affects us badly”, said one of the resident who wish not to be named or appear on Mamelodi Happenings. One of the grade 11 student who lives in Nelmapius and attends school at Lehlabile Secondary School had to walk to school this morning to make it to class for her Geography exam. No arrest have yet been made.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Alert For Expected Taxi Strike


The National Taxi Alliance is expected to be marching to the Union Building tomorrow morning from old Putco depot in Marabastad and it said that they will pass by the Department of transport offices on Struben and Bosman street. Strike is expected to disrupt Pretoria central. For those of you who are using taxi for work tomorrow it will be handy if you use a bus or any other alternative transport because the taxis might not operate at all.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Resident Volunteers To Clean Dumping Site In Mamelodi East

IMG_1539Nombeko Mashele, a resident from Mamelodi East, Phase 3 volunteered to clean the dumping site. She said that her husband used to use the space for his recycling project and after he died some people in the community took advantage and started dumping in the area. “After we buried my husband I decided to start cleaning the area since people were dumping rubbish, it didn’t sit well with me when I saw people keeping on dumping and I decided to do something about it.

Mrs Mashele said she wants to turn the dumping area into a vegetable garden which will help the community with healthy food and will also encourage people in the community to practice a healthy lifestyle. She mentioned that the municipality comes sometimes to clean the dumping site around her area and when they stop coming people look for spaces that they can use for dumping.

IMG_1546“It took me more than two weeks and people kept on throwing rubbish, I’ll clean today and the next day there will be more. I’ve realized that when I’ve cleaned people dump during the night when no one sees them. I’m using material from my home to clean the area, some of the rubbish I can’t use my hands I have to burn them and some I’ll dig a whole for compost purposes”, said Mrs Mashele.

The lady said she tried putting a “NO DUMPING SIGN” board to make the community aware but it didn’t help enough to stop some of them from throwing rubbish. She added that she spoke to the street committee in the community to speak to people about what she want to do with the space.


When she was cleaning, she realised that there are rats already living near where she want to start her project. She said that she might face a greater challenge of dispersing all of them to prevent them from destroying her project.



IMG_1542Mrs Nombeko is looking forward to meet with the Department of Agriculture to approach them and ask for help with plantation and seeds. She also needs equipment such as pipes for water transportation from car wash from the community, fertilizers, poison to kill rats, fence. She said she would like to give back to the community and help elder people and keep them busy and fit as they will be helping with the garden project.

By: Fortunate Machaba

One Of The Most Fun Videos You Don’t Want To Miss!

At Mae Jemison, The US Embassy

This is when the Scientist from the US, Dr. Tyler DeWitt talking to children about how amazing science is and gave them a little task using chemicals to test their hypothesis. All the kids were amazed by his science tricks and magic he performed to them. On the video below see him performing magic. The student on the video he’s the most observant student I’ve ever met, he ended up showing how the tricks have been done!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Police In Search Of Stranded, Mentally & Violent Woman


Mamelodi East Police are looking for relatives of the unknown woman who was found loitering in extension 5 on Tuesday afternoon. The woman was described to be wearing black tights with yellow, red and blue striped t-shirt. “The woman may be above 30 years old and has violent behavior”, said Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe. He added that the woman was booked for mental observation at Mamelodi Hospital yesterday. Anyone who knows this woman or her relatives and associates is asked to contact the police at (012) 815 7102/7080 other alternative number is 08600 10111.


By: Fortunate Machaba

The New Beginning…


What I’ve been Doing?

I have been working voluntarily for the community centre for three months at the same time volunteered at Mamelodi FM (Mams Radio) since beginning of this year. Not forgetting to mention that God has been with me through out the journey no matter how difficult it was. I have worked before as a young journalist, PA, Administrator and all the doors were at some point closed. There’s a saying that when one door closes the other opens. I prayed to him and had faith that something will come up. It didn’t matter to me whether is big or small opportunity.

Call For the interview

I’m forever on social media. One day when I was going through my whatsapp text messages I got an exciting text to say that I might have an interview and should expect a call anytime soon. I was lying in bed and flew of my bed and the next minute I was on the floor, believe me I had no idea how I got there. Waited for a call….

One morning when I got to work I phoned the organization asking if the interview is still on. I was asked to be patience and will get a call and I did. I never stopped reading about who they are and what they do. That was important because some of the interview questions were based on if I know what they are and what they do.

Talking about the interview

I left Mamelodi in the morning after preparing for the interview a night before. Took a Gautrain to Johannesburg, Sandton. I was 3 hours early and I just hang about where I could get lunch. I was surprised that I was hungry, I couldn’t eat breaky! I told them that I was in Sandton and they told me to come through. Guess who was there?

JJ Onkgopotse Tabane was one of my interviewersImage result for emoji …have a read about this guy, he’s so interesting.. As powerful as he is on Radio, trust me he’s even more in real life. Educated and don’t want to talk about his political views LOL, listen to him yourself on power FM from 9pm to 12am. Its nothing but power!.

When I read about him, he’s was just as many in one. He’s a political activist, CEO at Oresego Holdings, Author of Let’s talk Frankly and Anchor on Power FM, just to name few…. He has a PhD in Media and many more other qualifications, heard that he’s still studying. I’m so inspired. I’m telling you that next year I’ll be studying something…

My expectations…

Until now that I found out that I will be in the same company as powerful, famous and motivational people. I’m so blessed and can’t wait to start tomorrow and work my *** of !.  Let’s say The New BeginningImage result for emoji

By: Fortunate Machaba



Mamelodi East Steering Committee Had Business Meeting With Community Members

Mamelodi East Steering Committee had a business meeting with the community members last night at Emasangweni Primary School in Phase 4. The purpose of the meeting was for the committee to talk to the business owners from the community and see how they going to fit in the project of building a new mall in Mahube. One of the steering committee member, Siza Mthethwa said they want to give people from the community an opportunity to run their businesses in the new mall.

During the meeting, people were asked to put their names down and business names on the list so they know business they have from the community people. As one of the requirements, the member of the community raised a fact that he has a problem with health and safety file that he need to have in order to qualify to run his business in the mall.

“It is not compulsory to have a health and safety file, it will depend on the job you have, we are only helping to prepare you so you wont have a problem when contractors get there, we are not going to close any doors for anyone”, said Mthethwa. He added that they will still have to meet with the contractors first and the contractors will confirm the criteria.

Members of the committee together with the community agreed that they cannot hire anyone who have qualifications and not the experience to assist with building the mall. Some of the community members said they want to choose their own CLO and not the councilor to choose for they. They said they feel that the councilor will choose someone who has never worked or served the community.

The committee group said they will leave the issue to the councilor’s hands. “The meeting did not go how I’ve expected it to be, I thought it was going to be a business meeting and not a political one, some people are here to ruin the opportunity for us where some of us are here for this opportunity and want to work”, said one of the members of the community. It is not yet confirmed when the next meeting is going to take place.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tender Has Been Awarded For Mahube New Mall

Siza Mthethwa from the steering committee in Mahube visited the studio on monday to announce that the tender has been awarded for the new mall that is going to be built in Mahube. Rumors said the group of people who are involved in this project were threatened to stop the project, Mthethwa said they want to focus on the positive and the continuation of the project and let the past stay with the past. “Tender has been awarded, and excited that contract has been handed in and still waiting for the appointment letter from  the counselor”, said Siza Mthethwa. He urged people to take this seriously because “is happening”. The committee had a meeting last week including business people. He added that he encourages youth especially young women to attend the meetings. More jobs opportunities are expected to come from Mamelodi. The next meeting is on Wednesday at Emasangweni Primary School at 6pm.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Clean-up My Mamelodi Group Visited Stanza Bopape

IMG_1532Fortune Zondo, the founder of Clean-up My Mamelodi Campaign and Black Lives clothing visited Stanza Bopape secondary school and Stanza Bopape Clinic yesterday to clean the areas around them.

The purpose of the visit was to get the school and the clinic clean so students and patience will be in a cleaner and healthy environment. “We see a lot of schools in Mamelodi near dumping site, it is not safe for them since some kids play in these areas. Same in the clinics it is important to keep it clean since people come to the clinic to seek medication”, said Fortune.

Thabang Ngobeni, the founder of Student Motives, added that the idea to run this campaign is to work on motivating young people, realising that we have many ways to realise their potential in using their hands since we talented in many ways. IMG_1517

One of the caretakers said it had been a great thing that the group did, they helped a lot with cleaning and would like to thank them for their love and support. He said that the group came on Wednesday to ask for permission from the SGB (School Governing Body). “I would like to encourage young people to participate in such campaigns to bring back to the community “, said David Motaung.

Clean-up My Mamelodi started this year March and Stanza Bopape High School was their first to clean. Zondo said he’s targeting all the schools and clinics in Mamelodi. He’s looking forward to cleaning other schools in Mamelodi West, one of them being Mamelodi High. Vincent Mampane, a teacher at school said he would like them to come back a week before the school open and thanked them for cleaning the school. IMG_1507

Miss Teen Mamelodi 2017, Ofentse Mathebe, Kagiso Moshimane (Founder of Miss Teen Mamelodi) well known as KG-Perry-Sanny-Gaga, Youth group from Methodist church (WG) Mamelodi East branch, Stanza Popape care-taker and CPF also participated in the campaign. Tateni and Eddie Nguni sponsored the campaign with plastic bags. Fruits, water and sandwiches were from the founder’s (Fortune Zondo) pocket money.


By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Learners Want CPF Removed In Schools

cosas (4)Mamelodi school learners together with Congress of South African Student marched to Mamelodi East police station on Wednesday to hand over a memorandum of their concerns.  Saying that they feel unsafe in this society more especially in schools. This happened after the incidents of sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl occurred in one of the Mamelodi East schools and another where one learner stabbed another to death last month.

The Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi visited the school in Mamelodi on Monday to met the school management team to investigate the allegations.
It was alleged that the learner with three boys were under the influence of alcohol during the matric dance. It was reported that a teacher  went out to look for the learner after she disappeared, when the teacher found her, she was “indulging in sexual activities” with a 28-year-old patroller who was arrested on Monday.

It was alleged the Mamelodi police had turned away the principal and the girl’s parent who came to report the matter on 10 October. The case against the perpetrator was opened the following day and was transferred to Bronkhorspruit police station.

Regional Secretory for Tshwane, Jabulani Musi said we are unsafe at schools and we need the same protection that the president of this country has, while reading the memorandum before handing it over to the police. “The learners are the future of this country and if they are not protected now what is going to happen to the future of this country,” said Musi. cosas (1)

Cosas and the learners on the memorandum said they are calling for removal of all the CPF in schools because they are unsafe and they are interested in eating their feeding scheme food and having relationships with learners. They want the department of education and police to assure that schools are drug free and weapon free. Learners gave the police 14 working days to respond and concluded that if their demands are not met within 14 working days they will take matter to the highest level.

Police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe said they will make sure that the memorandum goes to the relevant people and encouraged the lerarners to go home safely and that their memorandum will be attended as soon as possible.



By: Fortunate Machaba




Children Gets Food Parcels From UK Ladies

IMG_1459Mamelodi East children who are members of Pressbatery Church have received food parcels from Joyce Bell and Caroline Izett from the United Kindom (UK) on Saturday at Presbyterian Church.

The ladies are part of AIDS4AIDS organization that has been helping Mamelodi Presbatery since 2004. They help the kids with food, clothing and donates money for University students who are also their beneficiaries. “It is very humbling coming to South Africa and help, the way we have been treated is lovely, we have met so many people and it’s been 13 years since we have been involved in this projects. We started when Professor Duncan and his wife joined the organization”, said Joyce Bell, one of the committee members from the UK.

IMG_1451The organisation started operating in 2004 and have helped many people in the community of Mamelodi including attridgeville with basing nursing skills for HIV & AIDS people. They taught people in the community how to take care of families and friends who are infected with AIDS. “We have realized that people also needed food and we wanted to help those who are struggling”, said Caroline Izett, chairperson of the organisation. The organsation once helped Tateni Community Centre with donation to the needy and those who are infected.

Mrs Violet Mashao, the lady who’s responsible to take care of the children at church said that Joyce and Caroline are her friends, they both from the village called Alva in Scotland. “I visited them in 2007. They have been assisting me financially to run the project for orphans and needy in our congregation”, said Mrs Violet Mashao. She added that The ladies came to South Africa specifically to come and see how the project was run since she account to them. She made it clear that her passion is with needy and orphans.

By: Fortunate Machaba

SADTU Teachers Marched For Better Wages

Mr Mashifane 20171017_173612South African Democratic Teacher’s Union (SADTU) marched yesterday into Pretoria for an increase of wages. The protesters handed the memorandum to the Department of Higher Education and Basic Education. Mamelodi teachers also took part in the march.

“We were marching for 0.5 outstanding pay progression, diverting of funds to other projects other than to address educational needs of the country recognition and formalizing of Grade R Practitioners as educators”, said Kgoroshi Mashifane, one of the teachers at Lehlabile Secondary School.

According to the SADTU members whatsapp group message, during labor meeting that took place on 3 October 2017 between the ILC and COASATU affiliated Unions, labor agreed to consolidate their demands. The consolidated wage demand, which was tabled to the employer at the special Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) meeting on 6 October 2017 stated that, the general salary  increase will be 12 % based on different scales, that the house current allowance to be increased to R 2 500, family responsibility leave to be granted and have an additional of three days including religious people and steward or office bearers, children at higher institution to be granted bursaries or be subsidised.

Members were urged to be aware of the majority of their inputs were accommodated in the demand and those which are not will be placed in process.

By: Fortunate Machaba


CPF Arrested For Rape; Mamelodi East

Mamelodi East CPF patroller was arrested for rape. The suspect handed himself to Mamelodi East police station yesterday morning after the case of rape that took place at Bronkhorstpruit was opened on 2017/10/12. It is alleged that the learner was raped at the school matric dance. According to the source, the learner was vomiting when the CPF took her outside pretending to be helping and ended up raping her without using protection. One of the parents said that there is no way he could leave his three daughters to continue in school of such incidents. The Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe confirmed the case. The suspect is expected to appear in court soon on the 18 October 2017.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Alleged Hi-jacked Car Turns-Out To Be Stolen From Lynwood

Following the investigation of a car that was allegedly hi-jacked on Thursday at Mamelodi East Setion 16, the car was not hi-jacked from section 16 but rather stolen from Lynwood. The police spokesperson, Captain Johannes Maheso confirmed the statement. He added that the two suspects were arrested on Thursday for stealing a car in Lynwood. The Metro police spotted a car in Mamelodi West near Universal Church. “The car was stolen from Lynwood and brought to Mamelodi, the Metro police spotted it and chased the suspects until they got to Universal church”, said Mamelodi West police spokesperson, Captain Johannes Maheso. The suspects are expected to appear in court, Mamelodi West, A5 today.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Traditional Healer Against Killing Of Albinos

Chief Shakuh Blesser, traditional healer from Rustenburg confirmed that it is true that people are killing Albino’s to become rich and it is not the right procedure to follow. “We have a number of different ideas on how to be rich. I don’t encourage you to use that kind of process”, said Chief Shakuh. He added that he have almost 25 free spiritual channels to make someone rich and those channels does need any pay back or human sacrifice. According to his first blog post, all problems can be solved as long as you have faith in your cultural ancestors because they are next to God and only animal sacrifice can be made to help improve the standard of living.

By: Fortunate Machaba  

Police Arrest Suspects For Car-jacking; Mamelodi West

Police arrested suspects for allegedly hi-jacking a car from Mamelodi East section 16 at Univeral Church near Deneboom yesterday. It is alleged that the suspects hi-jacked a lady in section 16, the lady’s car had a tracker and led the police to find her car at Universal Church. It is not clear how many suspects were involved. The eye witness said he was passing by and saw the police surrounding the stolen car. More information will follow after the investigation has been done.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi East Police In Search Of Missing Person


Tshepo Mashego, 24 years old of Leeufontein went missing after she went to work on the 1st of October 2017 and never returned. Mamelodi East police are looking for her. “Her dad is reportedly the last person to see her going to work, wearing black jeans, black Pick’n Pay shirt and brown leather jacket”, said Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe. He added that the family has so far contacted almost all known associates without a success. Anyone who knows Thsepo’s whereabouts is kindly asked to contact the police on (012) 815 7080 or 08600 10111



By: Fortunate Machaba

Pastor Supports Albanism Awareness In Mamelodi

IMG-20171003-WA0002YMCA and Love Foundation hosted an awareness programme at Mamelodi West, YMCA Hall on Saturday to make the community aware of Albanism.

The pastor believes that Sangomas claim, that if you kill albino you will be wealthy.

The team was making the community aware that Albino’s are also human and do not have to be treated unlike human.


“The purpose was to alert the community about Albinism. The killing of albino’s made YMCA and Hands of Love Foundation to come together and teach people that Albinos are also human beings”, said the Pastor Raphokoane. He added that people believe in different things. Some believe in God and others in ancestors but people need to stop believing that albino are the source of richness.

The event was sponsored by the Social Department and Dischem Pharmacy. The pastor said he’s looking forward to support more events of that nature. The pastor urge the community to treat Albino like ordinary people.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Case Opened After Community Library Break-In

Mamelodi East community library was closed for two days due to a break-in at the library. The incident took place on Monday. “We have closed the library for two days because they broke in, we are waiting for the police to take fingerprints before the library starts to operate”, said one of the library assistants. Only the study hall was been used by the community to study. It is not yet know what items have been stolen.  It was later reported that a computer has been stolen from the library. The police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe confirmed that a  case of Burglary business is opened. No arrest have yet been made.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Police Warn Mamelodi East Community About Carjacking

 Mamelodi East police are are warning Mamelodi East residents and motorists to be careful of criminals who are targeting people who park near the road and stay longer in the road. “This comes after several carjacking incidents reported recently in which criminals allegedly target people who are fond of this behaviour in Mamelodi East”, said The Mamelodi East Police Spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe. He added that police are aware of this method by criminals and have repositioned resources to counter this crime around Mahube Valley where most hijacking is taking place. Other places are Extension5,6,11, SNS and 16 Section. The community is urged to take the message seriously and assist in reporting suspicious behaviour to the police. The numbers to dial are 08600 10111 or 012 815 7080.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Termination Of Contract Leads To Tshwane Taking Over Autopax Bus Service In Mamelodi

The city of Tshwane has announced yesterday that from today 1 October 2017, it is to take over the responsibility from Autopax of providing public transport in Mamelodi. “The decision of the Tshwane Mayoral Committee to play a greater role in providing public transport in townships in the city”, said Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi. He added that, they have received confirmation on Friday that the city will progressively assume greater responsibility for the provision of public transport services in communities and will take over Autopax operation on Monday, to ensure that there is continuity of transport services to Mamelodi residents as the Autopax contract with the provincial roads and transport department was terminated on the 30th of September 2017. The city has agreed to provide bus service in Mamelodi as from Monday, 02 October 2017 and has indicated that initially a “core service” will be provided. Mamelodi residents are advised to that bus fares and roads will remain the same as they were when Autopax was operating. Autopax came into operation in 2015, when Putco buses surrender their contract to the department because of their loss in Mamelodi roads. Vadi thanked the Autopax board and management for helping the provincial government and Mamelodi residents during time of need.

By: Fortunate Machaba

About 90 People Turned Up For Surprise Community Party



The team cooking for the community

Takuana Ne Shome threw a surprise party for the community yesterday at Mothunzini park in SNS, Mamelodi East.

The purpose of the party was to celebrate Heritage Day with the community. They prepared a cultural meal for them and served everyone in the community. The meal was including Pap, cabbage, walky-talkies, chicken, beetroot and potatoes.

“We were celebrating Heritage Day, we cooked for the community and about 90 people from the came on board and joined us. I feel grateful that we saw that the community needed this and they even asked if we could have another similar event because they have enjoyed the party”, said Johanna Mashapa, the Manager.


Mokgadi Moyo giving a health talk

The organization invited a health promoter, Mokgadi Moyo to give the community a health talk. Condoms were also handed out to the members of the community. Most of the youth, as well as elderlies, attended the event. Other local company such as Roots Super Market and Butchery sponsored with vegetables, City Storm Spares with R500 donation, Bafana Liquor Store with R200 donation and Pakistani Bakery donated bread.


“I’m happy with what they did for us. I didn’t know what was happening, I thought they were cooking to sell the food in the park but when I got there they were for us and I started inviting others. I have enjoyed the food. If it was possible I will suggest they come every day. Not just me but other people in the community. They must keep it up and continue to serve the community”, said Rubben Mabusela, one of the community member. The team is planning to have another event on World Aids Day.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tateni Took 10 Girls To ZambiBush

Tateni Took 10 Girls To ZambiBush

IMG_1400Tateni Youth Development Team took 10 girls to ZambiBush Resort, in Pretoria on Saturday.

The girls were from Ikamvayouth, who is in partnership with Tateni. They assist the youth with improving their high school marks.

Tateni decided to take them out for a day to celebrate their achievements despite the challenges they face as young people.

“We are here to celebrate their victory as they have managed to pass although they’re from a disadvantaged background”, said Kegomoditswe Mosiane, Youth Development Manager. IMG_1406


According to the girls and the staff, they had a very impressive day together, starting from the view of the resort as well as the activities around the area and they are looking forward to have more trips with the youth from Mamelodi to empower and encourage them throughout their studies.


“It was a lovely outings. The event was a success and it is great that we put a smile on their face and be able to make a difference in our youth”, said Julia Ratlhogo, Youth Development Coordinator.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Why Wait For Tomorrow?

Why Wait For Tomorrow?

I woke up this morning hoping I will do something better with my life and the day passes, then comes the following morning and same thing happens. That’s what happens when you’re waiting for tomorrow. I guess that’s the short-cut of saying you will wait forever!

Don’t wait for tomorrow rather start today. If you have been saying tomorrow and years have passed it’s never too late you still have a chance to fix it. I have learned that action speaks louder than words, it is not enough to keep on saying I’ll do this or I want to do that, just put it into action. Is the same as someone who has a dream and preaching about it, man once said don’t speak your dreams but show them.

We need to start believing in our selves, knowing that we can make it despite challenges we come across. Through the grace of God and hard work. I have dreams to accomplish and don’t want to continue dreaming without making them come through, otherwise .. I will dream forever and that will not change anything, haha.

How about you start writing your goals down on paper (short term, medium and long term) just so you know what you’re working towards and what you want to achieve. It is never impossible if you really believe in yourself and have confidence in your thoughts, views, ideas or even dreams. Yes everything has its own time and sometimes takes time but if you work hard on it believe me or not it will happen and your life will change forever. By the time it won’t be too early nor late for you but just the right time. Stay positive..

By: Fortunate Machaba

The Story Behind Menelik Gibbons

The Story Behind Menelik Gibbons









“Sound is a wave, music is sound, there’s a place for everyone……”I AM THAT GAME CHANGER”, said Menelik Dada.

The storyline behind Don Dada is impressive, I think it encourages:

Entrepreneurial thinking and growth to change the African unemployment rate, a change in organisations where brand ambassadors and endorsement are afforded to those who are already successful to a blended approach of supporting entrance with winning attitudes – “we must give hope to our young generation”. Passion, perseverance, dedication and commitment combined with a plan that is executed is really a true story line that ends with success. As Dada correctly puts it, he said that ‘You are what you do”. 

Knowing the difficulties of entering the industry, in a bid to support other up-and-coming artists Dada has taken on a young artist that he is mentoring, Seed_Under a female rapper from PE. Dada debut Seed Under in her hometown on the 16th of December 2016 and went on to have her perform alongside him on an international stage. Dada marvels at the significance of his debut on the MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert and his debuting Under Seed on the MadibazRadio on Reconciliation day the becoming the 2017 Mandela song artist adding ‘Yeah, my grind is validated by The Most High’. 

He’s currently fighting for breakthrough! knowing that his journey will inspire others as an independent artist that has had to continuously reinvent how things are done and push himself to get to this stage. Don Dada feels that he is standing on his own as a people’s champ. “I care about the soul of the next person and I want to make everyone comfortable with my talent,” said Dada. He added that he has been studying the game for a while and now he’s ready to make his move, “this is my year’ declares Dada. His statement rings true as he made his debut on the MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert stirring the crowd with songs that they, and he was hearing for the first time – Good Way to go Don!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Don Dada Shares His Journey With Mamelodi Happenings

Don Dada Shares His Journey With Mamelodi Happenings

Don Dada To Bring A Unique Voice To Local Hip-Hop

As we all know that most rappers tend to be high pitched as they spit rhymes, not the laidback Dada – you can call him the Barry White of rappers.

PTM_8627Menelik Nesta Gibbons, 30 has an eclectic if not eccentric life which translates beautifully in his music. He was brought up by a Rastafarian father and Christian mother and was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, migrated to South Africa at the age of 5 and grew up in Turffontein south of Johannesburg. He’s found his musical home in rap and not reggae. However, inevitably, reggae seeps into his musical arsenal as he makes hip hop.

In 2016 after well over a decade of making unofficial tracks and working in the background, Dada decided it was his turn to shine! Together with his dad RasMoe the registered a company RuFF CuTT Studio and with the basic of equipment working from his bedroom, he set the wheels in motion.

 Don Dada released his first registered single WANT THAT on April 2016 and while busy with his promo tours he applied to perform on the MTN Mandala Day Tribute Concert. He was approved and allocated a six minutes but the problem was that he only had a  three minutes song. That did not faze him! He accepted then got into action to complete the second song to fill that time slot. In two weeks the second song was registered with RICA / SAMRO and available for download on MTN Network.

Don Dada made his debut on the 2016 MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert, dropping the new song PHESHE PHAYA on stage and received a positive response from the crowd.  From the MTN Mandela Concert stage Dada worked with SuperProducerRapz they completed the full AVANT GARDE Album is less than 3 days! This album is available on all digital platforms worldwide.

In 2017, Don Dada decided to pushing the boundaries further heading to Zimbabwe to promote his album. Within 7 days his album was playing on the 3 mainstream national stations and Don Dada was featuring on the front page of the top selling paper on a Sunday and the middle spread of another paper!

PTM_8899Dada was still basking in the success of the Zimbabwe tour when he received an offer from Content Connect Africa to do the 2017 Mandela song! Dada accepted as he felt that the man who gave his life to freedom for others needed to be celebrated – this fuelled the birth of his VIVA Mandela song supported by CCA, MTN and has relevant Nelson Mandela Foundation permissions. Unlike his usual speed to produce Dada took a few days starting by reading Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ and using extracts of that journey to create a song that can be used to tell that story.

The VIVA Mandela song quickly gained momentum and Dada was invited by the ANC Johannesburg Region 1912Radio to spend Mandela Day and join their team 60min Mandala initiative. His AVANT Garde album also gained momentum in Zimbabwe, leading to an invite to perform on the Shooting Stars Concert stage opening for a Jamaican artist Darmaco aka Kon Kong on 26th August 2017.

The concert in Zimbabwe industry communicated ‘An Historic Event’ of two major Jamaican Artists performing on different stages on the same night. Post performing to an estimated 6300, Dada’s popularity increased as he captured the Zimbabwe audience and while still in Zimbabwe, he received the offer to start his own weekly Hip – Hop segment on the 1912Radio. Dada as usual full of confidence agreed to the opportunity even though the mandate was a launch date of the 1st of September 2017 leaving him with four days to put a program together that included having guests to interview.

Dada managed to pull off a very successful launch of this segment which he named HipHop4Life #DadaFriday. To differentiate form traditional radio programs Dada added a facebook live footage and a youtube video of the full 2hr audio/visual show.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tateni Looking Forward To Celebrate Heritage

Tateni Looking Forward To Celebrate Heritage

Tateni Community Centre is looking forward to celebrate Heritage Day. They chose to celebrate it on the 29th of September with children at the Drop-In centres. They are expecting less than nine children out of  10 Drop – In centres that they have in Mamelodi. both in East and the West side. Teachers are expected to wear clothes of their culture that day. The event is going to take place at Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School in Mamelodi East. More updates to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

First Day At Entrepreneurs And Life Skills Class

Today has been an amazing day!

I woke up lazy and didn’t want to do anything for the entire day. Have you ever felt that way?

Well that was me today. Having in mind that I have goals to achieve for the day kept me going. If I haven’t had goals planned I would have spent my day at home of which doesn’t help. Zine Nkukwana once said “you can do this, you got this!” and I can see that no matter how hard it is I can do this and I’ve got this. I take these words everywhere I go. I have joined the entrepreneur and life skills class at Impendulo Foundation in Nelmapius.

During my lessons today, my tutor spoke about maturity…that age doesn’t make you young or old but it depends on whether you’re matured or not. Self talk is very important. I totally agree with her. I never liked seeing adults behaving like 12 year olds! Imagine you’re walking on the street or in a taxi heading to your important meeting, someone approach you pretending to be looking for time and only to find out that he’s trying to chat you up? What a f***. It’s a different story when I’m bored and want to laugh. haha

Are we not getting better of doing things? Think about this, we have 20 days excluding weekends a month, if we learn one thing everyday, imagine how much knowledge we can gain everyday. It’s a lot right?

Time is precious and no one has ever learnt to replace it. Make sure you make use of time you get. Like myself, I am a very busy lady and when ever I get time I read my novels, spend time with family and have fun because I know that if I won’t make use of this time I have, I will never get another time soon to do all this. By the way…my life skills class made me aware of this. Not that I wasn’t aware but because sometimes is not that you don’t know something but you just never take it into consideration and that is important to consider important things in your life.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Does It Worth To Miss Work For Nothing?

Does It Worth Missing Work For Nothing?


I woke up this morning, as clueless as I was. Prepared for work. I had no idea what was going on. I put the radio on just so I catch up with news before work. As I was listening, I heard them talking about taxi strike that was also going to affect Mamelodi. In my mind, I’m like.. dude I’m ready for work and you telling me about taxi’s strike, really?

I continued anyway. When I got ready I heard the same news about taxi drivers going to match at the Union Buildings to hand in their memorandum. I just ignored it and packed my lunch and waited outside for the taxi. It took me 20 minutes but I told myself that I’m going to work no matter what happens.

When I got in the taxi I just laughed and asked myself, what strike is it on?. I got to work ok and I asked one of my journalist friend if the strike is still on. I was surprised to hear that it was cancelled!

Imagine if I missed a good time at work. It’s so much fun here. I love voluntary work, getting to help other people with growth, ideas and all that, it’s amazing. Looking forward to grow myself as well. I just like being busy..if I live a busy life then I will have no time to worry much about other things. And not forgetting that hard work pays!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Interview With Tshepo Mashela

Interview with Tshepo Mamashela.

He’s one of the organisers of Acedsports Fun Run that took place in Mamelodi West, Central on Saturday. 



What was the purpose of the Fun Run

AcedSports together with Ditlogolo Tsa Methi wanted to fill the gap, the gap that unprivileged communities are faced with, and the gap of seeing such events take place outside their vicinity. The Hood hardly gets the opportunities like these, as they are always faced with events to promote drugs and alcohol, therefore this was our opportunity to bring change to the hood and make an event that accommodates everyone from young to old.

What were you expecting before and after the event?

We did our market research and the results gave us direction as to whether we are going forward with the initiative or are we going back to the drawing board. The need for this fresh idea was there and we were not expecting to see the turnout we saw on the day, the turnout was amazing. IMG_1203

When the next event and what is it about?

The next Colour My Mamelodi will happen next year around the same time. We are planning to make it an annual event. Otherwise, AcedSports hosts Boot Camp Saturdays, this happens every Saturday at Rethabile Sports Grounds at 07:00 – 09:30 for only R10.00 per session.

How do you feel about the fun run?

Colour My Mamelodi was a success and the turnout was amazing as I have said, but this was our first event and I believe that there be more participants with the coming event.

How many people participated?


Approximately 500- 600 people participated

What would you like to say about the number

The turnout was great, we were not expecting such a great number.

Who Sponsored the Event

DTM ran and planned the event and along the way, we got a few sponsors

  • Vodacom
  • DataOpt
  • Nkhukhu Box
  • Curro
  • City of Tshwane
  • Sanlam

Why did you choose Central as the Venue for your event?

It is in the name itself, “Central” it is the central place for Mamelodi and transport is accessible as well. This is one of the facilities that is not utilized, so we also tried to bring life to this historic venue.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Impendulo Trained About 17 Entreprenurs

Impendulo Trained About 17 Entrepreneurs


Impendulo Foundation trained about 17 students who became entrepreneurs. Yesterday was their graduation ceremony and it took place at Nelmapius community hall.

Students attended a month course (Basic Entrepreneur and Life Skills Level 1), on the day of their graduation they had to present their business ideas to the funders and sponsors. They are including NYDA, Nemapius customer care office, SNS Group SA, Kholokoane Farming and Department of Labour.  “They will be placed in relevant sectors where they are going to get opportunities, they already have investors to help with their businesses”, said Wendy Mpendulo, Founder and Chairperson of Impendulo Foundation.



Judges of the day

The ward councillor sent a representative to be one of the judges. There were five groups presenting their ideas and the judges chose only number one and two who won, having their business registered and got business cards from the funders and sponsors.





Students presenting their business idea

Group one being a recycling team and number two being Fashion Modelling Agency in Nelmapius.  “The criteria we used to choose is about the group who were the best on the day, not that others didn’t do well”, said  Sammy Maringa, NYDA facilitator. He invited the youth to come to his office to pitch their business ideas.




Zine Nkukwane

During the graduation ceremony, they had Zine Nkhukwana who was the guest speaker of the day. She was motivating the young entrepreneurs and sharing her personal experience as a businesswoman. She gave the youth an invitation to study online for free and recommended that it would take anyone who studies far.

“I came here as an entrepreneur but Impendulo has helped me grow, bring ideas, I have learned a lot, what they did for me it was much more than what I would have done at home”, said Carlton Mhlanga, one of the students.

Impendulo Foundation (IF) is a non-profit organisation that creates and implement diverse strategies to advance positive change in the lives of other people. Wendy said that anyone who wants to be part of the course can join the next lessons. The sponsors were Loreal SA, Mokalapa helped with decorations, Lefifi family with catering.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni

Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni


Tateni Community Centre hosted two days programme at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The workshop started yesterday and the purpose of it was to find issues hindering the youth and get to see where they can help the youth to achieve their dreams.

Most of the youth who have attended the programme was looking forward to get jobs opportunities, further their studies and become entrepreneurs. “We are here because we want to do work to break the circle of poverty and see how we can help the youth, we created groups so it is convenient for them as leaders to travel and attend the meetings”, said Kegomoditswe Mosiane, Tateni Youth Development manager.


Erik Buiten, on Tateni’s Board, invited people from other organisations to help the youth understand what it requires of them to get opportunities.

They had Dr Rossouw from KFC who was a motivational speaker, Department of Labor Asnathi Mayayise who explained about how the organisation operates and what the employees are looking for when they employ people, Kagiso Monyatsi from Harambee who was at the workshop to present what they are looking for at the workplace when they recruit employees, Ian Sherry from RMI to share about working together (who, why and how), he said that these idea have been developed through working with communities in Africa.

Most of the issues that Tateni picked up is funding issues for local businesses, access to information, knowledge about their specialties or careers, mentors or support through out their journey.


During the program the groups were divided into three, first one being Unemployment or job seekers, furthering studies and the last one being entrepreneurs. The groups were given opportunities to gather according to their interests, goals and dreams. They had to present their ideas on what they want to do, how they are going to do it and why they want to do it.

Tateni Youth Development Team confirmed that they are looking forward to have a meeting and engage more with the youth in time they are waiting for solutions to assist the youth. “It has been fantastic seeing you all and seeing the talents and looking forward to help you grow yourselves”, said Ian Sherry, chairman of RMI.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Saw Many Talents In Mamelodi Youth

Saw Many Talents In Mamelodi Youth


Today was the best day ever.. I have attended a 2 days workshop organized by Tateni. The program’s purpose was to gather with the youth of Mamelodi and have a discussion with them to find out where they can help.

The youth were given a chance during the program to group themselves according to their goals, dreams and interest. It happened that three groups formed (job seekers, education seekers/ furthering studies and entrepreneurs). The interesting part was when they had to present their ideas to everyone.

That’s where I have realized that Mamelodi’s got talent. A lot of people had amazing business ideas, good way of marketing themselves, good strategies they have to help themselves perceive their dreams, good way o working together although they just met. I have realized that working together can help achieve a common goal. As they always say that two minds are better than one. IMG_1273

I’ve seen a lot of them supporting and help each other brainstorming ideas. To me it was like they have been running this businesses, been at the university and working already because their presentation showed a lot of potential, commitment, dedication and hard work. That was amazing and I’m definitely sure that that’s what Tateni is looking for.

These are the kind of people the organization want to work with. I’m looking forward in attending more programs with them and to see if they are going to implement those ideas. This is so exciting!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Panyaza Lesufi Promise To Develop Mamelodi Schools

Panyaza Lesufi Promise To Develop Mamelodi Schools

img_1189.jpgGauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi says 2018 is the final year that residents can start taking children to any school they wish for. He said that on Friday when he was presenting his report to the community in Mamelodi West, A5. ” I have realized that the problem is not that children go to school hungry but the quality of food they get in schools”, said Panyaza Lesufi. He added that students need to get a quality of food in schools. The MEC mentioned that Ribane Laka, one of the secondary schools in Mamelodi East, get’s 100 % almost every year and such schools need to be developed. He said that every school that improves, they are going to develop it into a good quality of school, he promised that he’s going spend about 75 million to improve the quality of education in those schools and make sure that top three student of any school in Mamelodi will get a bursary from the government for four years at the university of their choice. More students are expected to pass this year.

By: Fortunate Machaba

David Makhura Says Illegal Occupation Is Out Of Order

David Makhura Says Illegal Occupation Is Out Of Order



IMG_1169Gauteng Premier, David Makhura said illegal occupation in Mamelodi is out of control. The premier, as well as other leaders, visited Mamelodi West last Friday at A5 community Hall.

David Makhura, Gauteng Premier, Solly Msimanga, Tshwane Mayor, Paul Mashatile, MEC for Gauteng Department of Education, Paul Mashatile, Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa , MEC for Health, Gwen Ramokgopa, MEC for Social Development, Nandi Khoza, MEC for Transport, Ismail Vadi, MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile and Community Safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi.

They were all in the house to present their reports to residents of Mamelodi. Solutions were presented to issues raised by people in the previous meeting. During the meeting, the Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga announced some residents had received their title deeds. It is not known when they applied for the RDP houses.


Residents who had more issues were asked to fill in forms and were promised to get feedback. An opportunity for people to raise their concerns or questions based on the leaders’ reports were given.

Most of the people were not happy about the conditions at Moretele Park, they were complaining that the shelter needed renovation since it is Spring going to Summer and rain is expected. They gave a positive response to the stadium that is going to be rebuilt (Pitje) in Mamelodi West. More renovation is expected to happen in Mamelodi both East and West. The event started at 4pm and residents didn’t leave until 9pm.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Man Caught Stealing in Mahube Complex

Man Caught Stealing In Mahube Complex

Man, 25 was caught today at Mahube complex in Ackermans allegedly stealing a pair of trousers. According to the securities and CPF, the man was trying to escape from the shop after one of the staff members at the shop hit a panic button.  “He stole the trousers and wore it underneath, the staff member said he was trying to escape from the security in the shops. One staff member saw him going to the fitting room and when he came out he wanted to walk out of the shop”, said France Pipsheg, the security from Nights Protection. The security said they won’t call the police for help but they will give him punishment “he will never forget”. He will be responsible for cleaning the towers, Mams FM, Feed the security dogs before he they will release him.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Provincial Government Submitted Reports To Mamelodi Community

Provincial Government Submitted Reports To Mamelodi Community; Mamelodi West

IMG_1169The provincial government together with Tshwane leaders visited Mamelodi West, A5 on Thursday to give the residents a report about solutions to previous meeting (November 2015) on issues raised by community members. “Today was a day they are giving report about municipality solutions, where we listen to the problems faced by the community. To let know the public on what the government is doing to improve the communities”, said David Makhura, Gauteng Premier.

Issues including pensioners who can’t afford and forced to pay rent , illegal invaders, development in the communities of Mamelodi, residents who haven’t received RDP houses, opportunities for the youth, water and electricity shortages in some areas in far east of Mamelodi.

The leaders were including David Makhura, Gauteng Premier, Solly Msimanga, Tshwane Mayor, Paul Mashatile, MEC for Gauteng Department of Education, Paul Mashatile, Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa , MEC for health, Gwen Ramokgopa, MEC for social development, Nandi Khoza, MEC for Transport, Ismail Vadi, MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile and the community safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi were there to attend the meeting with the community memebers.


During the meeting, other residents who were not able to join the meeting due to unavailability of space, were outside complaining about the community hall. They demanded a bigger venue when the leaders call for the community meetings. More details to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Boys High Visited St Francis Drop-In Centre

Boys High Visited St Francis Drop In Centre


Boys High visited St Francis drop in centre yesterday afternoon in Mamelodi West.


They came to play with the kids and also to gave them gifts. The gifts were including soccer balls, toys and snacks.


During their visits, the kids performed to entertain them with dancing and singing songs on stage.IMG_1165


Drop in centre kids have gumboots dance team and girls choir. “It’s been valuable for the boys, bringing them out of their comfort zone. They will give back feedback to the school about their experiences. We also raise money for the needy”, said the school MIC and RCL for Pretoria Boys High.



The boys confirmed that they came to the drop in centre to play a role of bringing back to the community and enjoying to see the children happy for the gifts they have received and the boys playing with them.


“It is great to see the joy of the children”, said J.H Dreyer, grade 11 student from Boys High. One of the boys also added that he was amazed by the dance.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Late Night Protest By Youngsters

Late Night Protest By Youngsters In Mamelodi East

Residents in Mamelodi East Phase 1 are currently protesting (Tuessday; 10:00) blocking the road with rocks and burned tires in Tsamaya. According to the observers, the protest have just started and it is not yet know how long it will last. At the moment, taxis and vehicles are not allowed to use the road. Most of the people in the protest are the youth. Reasons for the protest are not yet known.

By: Fortunate Machaba


SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

275 Stakeholder Planning Workshop ParticipantsDifferent stakeholders gathered together at the City of Tshwane on Friday to discuss the safety, promotion and development of Mamelodi East.

Safety Programm through the Urban Upgrading (SPUU) programme aims to improve the resilience of communities against violence and to strengthen social cohesion, unhealthy environment, unsafe public spaces, unemployment, lack of opportunities to participate in community life, family disintegration and substance abuse.

SPUU programme focuses on the potential and opportunities to increase safety through preventative strategies by investing in people and improving the quality of public space in Mamelodi East. They are aiming at improving infrastructure, safer schools and youth empowerment.

IMG_1131The program is part of the German-South Africa cooperation in the focal area of Local Government Development. Their target is neglect of children, domestic violence, unemployment and drugs and alcohol abuse.

During the programme audiences were given a platform to raise questions and discuss possible solutions to the problems. Some of the questions will be addressed later. The stakeholders were asked to put down on paper matters raised in the programme that relate to them and write down their contributions to assist with resolving the matters. More information will be update as soon as the next programme occurs and when solutions will be discussed.

By: Fortunate Machaba