Mamelodi Family Grieve Daughter’s Death

The late Connie Mosehla aged between 30-40 years old committed suicide on Friday afternoon at Buffer Zone.  It is believed that she did this because she had lost her ID. She had gone to the train station where the crowd was waiting for the train. The crowd saw this lady throw herself onto the train track while the train was approaching. Unfortunately the train couldn’t stop and ran into her causing her fatal injuries.  Her body was badly mutilated to the extent that her spinal cord was stuck under the train. The neighbours who heard about the incident went to the lady’s house to inform her family what had happened and asked them to come and collect her body. The family were shocked and upset. They felt guilty as they weren’t there to protect her or stop her from doing what she did. They wished they had known what she was up to; if they had maybe something could’ve been done to save her. According to them, they believed that their daughter had suffered from mental illness.  As her family faced eviction and destitution , the government volunteered to assist her family with funeral arrangements. Her funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.

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