National Stay Away Declared

Gauteng students declared a National Stay Away yesterday morning. It is believed that the stay away was caused by the current fighting between Venda and Malamulele in Limpopo. The residents of Malamulele want their own municipality because they feel discriminated against because they are not Venda. The Limpopo parents then decided to burn everything belonging to the state including clinics, libraries and schools. More than 2000 pupils in Limpopo were left without schools due to the incident which happened two weeks before. Students, members of COSAS, decided to declare the national stay away to show sympathy. One of the students Thabo Nkoana a current student at Tsako Thabo Secondary School reported the incident in Limpopo to the ANC head office. He asked for permission to declare the national stay away and it was approved. Schools from other provinces were released, including Gauteng. Gauteng students were the last to be released. It was approved that under no circumstances shall teaching and learning take place in schools during the time that stay away was taking place, as students in Limpopo weren’t getting an education. The aim and priority of COSAS is to make sure that students are getting equal education. COSAS is returned to the rightful owners which are the students and attacking any threats against education said Nkoana. According to COSAS slogan it is believed that liberation comes first and education after. Nkoana then said that an injury to one is an injury to all.

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