Mamelodi Taxi Drivers Back To WOrk After One Day Strike

Mamelodi taxis were on strike yesterday morning because 50 taxis were impounded by Police on Wednesday. “It is believed that the government has no right to impound the taxis since they have documents proving that their vehicles were legitimate”, said Stemer Monageng of the Local and Long Distance Taxis Association, ignoring the fact that there had been violence to buses and their passengers. No agreement has been made between the taxis and the government with regards to the introduction of the new buses operating in Mamelodi. The government ensured that the buses were protected by the police, each bus having at least two police cars patrolling with them. In response to this, Mamelodi operators decided to protest against the police actions by striking. On Thursday Mamelodi residents trying to get to work were desperate to get the taxis as they were all on strike. Monang also added that taxis will be ending their strike and continue with their work only when they get their vehicles back, He also said the strike could go nationwide. However, today the taxis are running again in Mamelodi and the meeting between the taxis and the Gauteng premier David Makhura will be held today Friday to find solutions to the issue of public transport in Mamelodi.

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