Vodacom Food Parcels All Over Mamelodi

Mamelodi schools including Lehlabile and Somafco secondary received vodacom food parcels and free Vodacom buckets on monday at Mamelodi East. It is believed that these food parcels helped most of the learners who are in need of food or from a disadvantaged family, not only them but every pupil in these schools . The schools were grateful and received parcels with warm and open hands. “were lucky to receive such gifts from vodacom, not many have done it before and i’m grateful to be one of the lucky ones” said a learner from Lehlabile Secondary School. This learner also wished that Vodacom could also help other children who are in need of food,  she believes that there are still more children who starve,  cannot cope at school because of  hunger pangs and whom their parents or guardians are unemployed. According to South African statistics,  14-million people “regularly experience hunger”, it is believed that looking at this fact in a holistic way, Vodacom helped Mamelodi community and it makes a huge difference across the country.  Vodacom is not only helping communities in Mamelodi or Gauteng but also communities in other provinces. It has also been involved in projects such as giving bursaries to University students  who are specifically studying accounting, electrical engineering and information technology,  implemented phase 1 for internet connections around the libraries and across the country,  as well as the  corporation of  social investment, occupational safety,  health and environment.

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