Scienza Nappy Challenge

Scienza representatives, a team of five, visited Mae J Reading Room at Mamelodi on Wednesday. They were there to teach learners from different schools about science and how it has an impact or influence in their lives. They conducted an experiment with hydro-gels and compared two different types of nappies, Huggies and Cuddlers. It is believed that nappies take 50 years to rot away in a landfill. There are chemicals called sodium polyacrylate in nappies that absorbs water. The aim of the experiment was to evaluate this absorption. In the process of their experiment,  water was added on top of the cloth inside a container. They observed and measured the water being absorbed by the cloth and the same method was applied to the nappies. The nappies also absorbed the water, from their results Cuddlers were considered as to be the best nappy compared to Huggies as it has the ability to absorb as much as 200 to 300 times its mass in water.

The team has been involved in other science projects, including science workshops, exhibitions, science shows and running science programme for children. They visit May J Science Reading Room on a number of Wednesday afternoons and learners from any school is welcome to attend science programmes on Wednesdays.

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