Miz Brother On Planet TV

photo (24)The Pretoria, Mamelodi star Miz brother was on planet TV today for her first interview by  Turas Turise “With his giant structure and an even bigger heart, there’s no way you can’t fall in love with Ghana’s golden child” as well as Kamo. The interview was live and she was very nervous for her first interview she said. Like they say “it is good to be nervous”. She performed one of her hot tracks on stage just before the interview. She then impressed them all, nothing seemed to be wrong with the song and even the interview. The manager of Planet TV Radio complimented Miz Brother’s performance and interview, saying that a lot of artists come to the studio and try to perform but they don’t do well since they’re nervous, go blank and run out of words not knowing what to say.  Miz Brother today broke the Planet TV Radio record today by giving them the proper presentation of herself and her art. Miz Brother, Dineo Sepato 25, raised by a single parent, “late” and last born of her mother’s children. She was a poet before started music in 2005 and was firstly introduced to A3C  by a guy called Skrypta. She was then a dancer and started her acting career in 2010. She shared stage with fantastic popular artists such as Ab Crazy, Red buttons, 985, Pro kid and Cashtime, just few of them she mentioned. She’s signed under AMProduction SA and looking forward to release her album called B.R.O EP… and about to release her first single called “GO GET IT” which was produced by Authentic. She has a Diploma in Journalism and N4 in Human Resource Management. She’s an artist, actress and entrepreneur. “My heart is with music, I’m a proud homo sexual  who has a dream that I want to pursue, I’m a healer to audiences’ souls, I love art and like people to know how I live” said Miz brother.

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