Miz Brother at Mae Jemison

IMG_1592The rap star Miz Brother attended a reading and story telling competition on Tuesday 29th September 2015 at University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus, Mae Jemison Science Reading Room. She played a judge’s role in the competition. It was her first time judging but she felt very comfortable in the role. She worked with two other judges, one from the US Embassy and one from the story telling competition organising library. Righardt le Roux’s, the competition organiser is passionate about libraries and developing children’s literacy, he specialises in reading and story telling competitions. Students who were participating in the competition were students from Primary to Secondary school aged between 12 and 19 years old. One teacher came with students from Meetse A Bophelo Primary School to support her students and the school won all prizes from position one to position five. The student who won will go to compete in the national final. The audience was astonished and delighted when the primary school collected all the prizes and won the competition. The teacher was pleased with her students who won and was also looking forward to competing in the final national competition. The US Embassy gave all the students who participated in the competition books to read, some novels and biographies. The competition was fun and the audiences enjoyed themselves listening to different stories from participating students. I think is fair enough for all students to get something in return for participating in the competition as next time when there is another competition they will have an interest in contributing again. The US Embassy did well by giving all of them books, those books might improve their way of reading and telling a story if they practice enough. Miz Brother then entertained the audience with her one of her numbers, which was really enjoyed by the audience. In August, the library will also be hosting a series of youth empowerment workshops, in conjunction with the Justice Department and the US Consulate in Johannesburg.

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