The Union Buildings Were Dressed Up In Green And Yellow

photo (35)ANC (African National Congress) was hosting an event on Friday Morning at Union Buildings. Chomi, the female artist was invited to perform, entertain and motivate the youth as well as everyone else who was part of the event. She was there to rock the crowd and she really did, everyone including old laddies and gentleman were crazy about her performance, the youth was over the moon. The most fascinating thing was that students from different Universities thought they would go to the Union Buildings to study, some were just passing by they stopped immediately they heard sounds which hooked up their vibes from the Union Buildings. They couldn’t wait to get in and see what was going on, “most of us here we are just intruders, it is fun here and Chomi rocks”, said one of the students. She played two of her hot tracks and others were the late Brenda Fussy songs. People enjoyed their time there and some were even planning to come back for Black Coffee. The event was organised for ANC comrades and everyone who supports or like to be part of the ANC. The entrance at Union Buildings was free and everyone was welcomed to be part of the event. It wasn’t just a day event but two. Black Coffee was expected to come tomorrow to entertain the crowd again. Students said that they are expecting the same vibe if not more.

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