Orphans Get Grocery In Mamelodi

Image result for Orphans getting groceriesMore than 26 children including Orphans and needy got Groceries for Christmas on Sunday at Presbyterian Church, Mamelodi East near Five Star.

The congregation also contributed towards helping these children as well as the church group called Pastoral Care Givers.

“We feel that it is our duty to help the community including Orphans, needy, aged and vulnerable, there are some of the things we see that they need and we offer to assist”, said Mrs Mashao.

They as a church have been involved in assisting the community in many different ways including giving Orphans, needy and aged people blankets, school shoes, teenage girls sanitary towels and Groceries.

“I’m happy to get these groceries since we are not going to starve and this brings joy in my family as well”, said one child.

One of the children’s guardian added that “I’m not working and I am looking after two Orphans Presbytery has been there helping us with what we have needed and I still appreciate it, it could have been more difficult without them”.

Every year they also help Pre-Matric students to apply for bursaries in order to further their studies. This project has been running for a number of years and will continue to do so in the future.

On Christmas Day the group has planned to give about 75 Sunday school kids presents as one of their projects for this year.

By Fortunate Machaba

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