Parents Support Gay Marriage


 Image result for gay marriageSape Maodi 25 and Viavi Swart 31 were married on Saturday in Mamelodi East near Five Star.

The Bride and the Groom’s family and friends were gathered to celebrate the happy couple’s wedding.

According to an Uncle from the Swart family’s side, they as the two families had accepted their daughters marriage.  Knowing their situation and that a lot of people won’t easily accept that.

He confirmed that they are going to support them with every decision they take and they will be always on their side.

“We support you, be who ever you are with no fear, most of the people here are not here to celebrate with us but to see you getting married and gossip about it, we know that people will be talking about it everywhere”, said the uncle.

During the wedding Viavis best friend, Pule Legodi, mentioned that he never met someone like Viavi, she was forever bossy and added that they have been friends for more than 16 years and he was glad to be part of the celebration.

“Her friendship is more than just a friendship, I never thought I will one day stand before them and talk to people about them”, said Brine Sebeko, Sape’s best friend.

He believes that Sape has an interesting love for Viavi and further stated that love exist today because of Sape.

On behalf of the Swart family one mentioned that they have never met such a wonderful, respectful and honorable lady like Sape before.

The day wasn’t just special because they were celebrating the wedding but the it was also Viavi’s mum’s birth day.

by Fortunate Machaba

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