Lehlabile Secondary School Learners To Be Motivated By Lesley Musina

Lesley Musina known as Ndalamo Mukwehvo from Muhvango, SABC 2 Monday to Friday soapie  actor visited Lehlabile Secondary School, Mamelodi East near Gardens yesterday morning to motivate learners.

It is an annual thing for Lehlabile Secondary School to have motivational speakers, is it said that most learners need motivation in order to achieve in their lives.

“He was dynamic and moving, he showed great enthusiasm, tenacity of purpose and passion when motivating the kids”, said the teacher Mr Mashifane.

He was very practical and encouraged learners to believe in a higher power and to strive to achieve their goals.

According to the teacher people like Lesley are a blessing to their school since he didn’t charge the school to motivate the learners and most of the motivational speakers they charge them 1000+. The school feel blessed.

It is alleged that Lesley appear arrogant and cocky on screen and yet he’s a humble and shy in real life.

By Fortunate Machaba

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