Miz Brother To Release Her New Album


Miz Brother is about to release her new album called B.R.O (Breaking all Rules against all Obstacle), the music is described as raw street sound and it is planned to be a healer to the listeners.

 According to Miz Brother, the purpose of the album is not only to entertain but to encourage and motivate young people to be themselves no matter what it takes them to and have them fall in love with her music, instead of just liking it.

 Taking the fact into consideration that a lot of people fear to be themselves, since they fear other people talking about them and the treatment that they will give them.

 The fact that I’m gay, that doesn’t mean that will stop me from achieving my dreams, fear is always there regardless of situations and people are always going to talk, whether you’re doing good or bad things, so never be afraid of taking risks as long as you are happy”, said Miz Brother.

 Miz Brother’s other intentions are to ultimately put the brand Miz Brother and the company AMProduction on the map and share it with the world, her music to be heard everywhere, the message that her music carries to be understood and people to be aware of her talents.

 I’m passionate with music, I write through my experiences and I love arts. So music helps me to co-operate with my listeners”, said Miz Brother.

 The album is going to be released because it is time for the listeners to hear the fresh and new sound that Miz Brother is about to unveil to them with her album. Bless your ears she said.

By Fortunate Machaba

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