Uncle Knocks Down Orphan’s House

Orphan’s, 20 and 16 year old girls living in Mamelodi East near Gardens lost their home since it is alleged that their Uncle and wife took over.

Girls left home with their uncle in 2005 after their mother passed away. Family agreed that Uncle will take care of the Orphans home until their right age to move in and be on their own. When the older girl turned 20 she wanted to go to stay in her mum’s shack, unfortunately they found out that their uncle registered their parent’s shack with his name.

“We didn’t know about it until the kids wanted to move in with their younger uncle to their late parent’s shack” said the girls Grandmother.

All along they thought that Uncle is just taking care of the place and he never let them know that he registered their home in his name.

After Uncle mentioned that the shack is registered in his name and his wife.

Grandmother went to the Department of Housing at Mamelodi West near Denlyn mall  with her two niece to confirm with the office that Uncle registered the shack in his name.

They later found out that he did registered the house in his name and didn’t include his niece but his wife.

“We spoke to one lady and one guy from the office that day who assisted us with checking in files to confirm Uncles statement, they both said that is pretty much too late for us to fight back since is not going to be long for residents to get permanent places, the only way to win is to confront uncle and talk to him about the shack, if he disagrees then nothing can be done about it” said the Grandmother.

“We will try all our best to get our parents house back, we definitely going to make sure that we will fail trying” said the girls.

The matter will remain the subject to the girls and their Grandmother.

By Fortunate Machaba

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