Grandmother To Attend The Meeting With The Neighbour

Grandmother and her two niece went to the neighborhood, Phase 1 near Extantion 5 last night where the girl’s parents used to live, to meet with one of the neighbours who plays a role as a comrade in the community.

According to the neighbour, no way that the girl’s will loose their home since everyone except for the new members knows that they used to live there with their parents and the girl’s can still be recognized by the community.

The neighbour mentioned that if it goes further to such an extend that lawyers and the Court of Law will be involved in this matter, the neighbours would volunteer to be one of the witnesses to this matter.

“I know these girls they grew up here with their mum and dad, the last time I saw them in this neighbourhood it was early 2005 when I heard that their mum passed away and their grand parents going to live with them, I just don’t understand how could their uncle do this to them”, said the neighbour.

“The advice that I can give you is that go to talk to the uncle and ask him to change things back, an easy way of doing this is him going to the Police Station and report what he has done before and do the affidavit to say that he would like to change them back and register the girl’s name on their parent’s home, if he resist then I will talk to him with other comrades”, said the neighbour.

Grandmother suggested that the neighbour could help by going to the uncle on their behalf with others since they don’t get along with each other and she does not think that he would listen to her again.

She said that she spoke to uncle about this matter before and there were no changes, uncle even said that he won’t change anything he will rather register the girl’s name under his of which he will still be in charge of the shack, said Grandmother.

“My son and I don’t get along with each other since last year just after he mentioned what he did, he’s my son but I will never allow him to do this to my niece, what hurt me more is that I trusted him with the girl’s place and I never thought such things could happen”, said Grandmother.

The neighbour said that he will go to uncle with his colleagues to talk to him and hear what uncle says this time about what he did and what he would do after they spoke to him concerning this matter.

Grandmother and her two niece planned to go to the lawyers if uncle resist to change the shack registration, since their Social Worker referred them to the lawyers as well.

The matter remains the subject to uncle and comrades.

By Fortunate Machaba

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