Uncle To Evade Grandma’s Talk

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Grandma and her two granddaughters went to uncle’s residence to talk to him about the shack before taking further steps tonight.

According to grandma, uncle is trying to bribe his nieces since he does not want to talk to them with her involved in the situation.

“If you want to talk to me come on your own or bring social workers or whom ever you want to come with, as for mum I don’t want to talk to her”, said uncle.

They suggested that if he does not want to talk to grandma then she will leave him in peace and he will get a chance to talk to his niece but he never wanted to and expected them to come back the other day.

It is believed that this was just an excuse to avoid talking to them or delay.

“We left him in peace but we gonna take further steps to get the shack back as long as we have seen that he did everything purposefully and not intended to change it”, said grand daughter.

Things were going to be easy only if we were getting along with each other, now it is difficult because there is a conflict between us and we are not sure of the right place to go for help at the moment, said grandma.

The neighbour who has been helping them is no longer taking part in the situation, they haven’t heard from him in a while and he promised to come back to them as soon as he spoke to uncle, she added.

Further steps will be taken and the issue remains the subject to grandma and her two niece.

by Fortunate Machaba


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