Bin Lorry Kills Man; Mamelodi

Hendrick Moses Brand, 28 died at Mamelodi East Extension 6 on Tuesday.

It is said that he was at dumping site, had taken drug and fell a sleep.

During that time the lorry was approaching to clean the rubbish in that area.

Unfortunately the bin lorry driver drove over him and he died immediately.

A group of men from aged between 15-30 years of age live in that area.

They are all homeless and take drugs everyday of their lives.

“When we wake up in the morning we go in areas where we can get tins, bottles and metals to sell so that we can buy drugs, if we sold enough we also buy food if not we starve”, said one of the boys.

Drugs seem to be more essential thing to them than food.

More than four people reported dead before Hendrick and they all died in the same situation.

Brand grew up in Eesterust then moved to Mamelodi where his death took place.

He left his mother and four brothers.

His funeral was held today at Extension 11.

By Fortunate Machaba


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