RDP’s To Be Built At Mamelodi

About 74 Low Cost homes to be built at Mamelodi East, extension 5, near the library, for the community.

According to the Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Beverly Maimela and the project manager, Lwazi Mavuso, the provincial project has been taking place for three months and is going to finish at the end of March.

Seventy-four houses are going to be built in that location for seventy-four families and no rent is expected from them.

It is said that the community applied for those houses by completing the form so called “Form C” in order for them to qualify for RDP’s.

“City of Tshwane is going to provide the new community with water sanitation and electricity”, said Maimela.

CLO and the Project Manager were on duty to ensure that the project is  going smoothly, things in the construction site are done properly and in a safe manner.

Inspectors visited the construction site to be sure that the project meets the government standards and safety regulations.
People who are going to move into the RDP’s are not yet aware of the project, they will only find out when they are selected from the data-base.
“I was incredulous when I actually saw this project started in the community and when I went in to interview the managers that are in charge of this project, I was blown away”, said the reporter.
People will move in “new houses” as soon as the project finishes.
by Fortunate Machaba


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