Mams FM To Interview Miz Brother

 Miz brother had an interview on Thursday evening at mams fm, Mamelodi East, Mahube.

Miz brother was interviewed by Devine Motau, presenter, entrepreneur, artist and a brand embassador well known as STP Devine.

The purpose of the interview was to make the audience aware of Miz brother’s music, offer them insight about music and encourage those who want to be artist but have fear to accomplish that.

“I was relaxed when the interview took place since it wasn’t my first time in the studio and I’m looking forward to be interviewed more by others”, said Miz brother.

Miz brother is looking forward to get more interviews by other radio stations and not just community radio stations but best radio stations as well.

“I enjoyed the interview with Miz brother, I like her personality, music  and ambitions, I hope she come back after she released her track so we can talk more about it”, said Devine.

Miz brother will soon release her new album called B.R.O (Breaking Rules Against All Obstacle), the track is about being a dreamer, chasing your dreams and following your heart.

The purpose of this track is to inspire youth, she’s hoping that the track could be played around June 16 since is a get up and go soon track and dedicated to all but younger generation at most.

The interview helped Miz brother with exposure, she believes that a lot of people are now aware of her music, she aim for more if not higher ambitions.

“To all new artists or beginners, make sure that is something within your heart and not because of peer pressure, nothing is impossible you just need to work hard , it won’t come easy though but that doesn’t mean you won’t accomplish it”, said Miz brother.

By Fortunate Machaba



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