Woman Fatally Struck By Taxi In Mamelodi

house robberyA blue Golf driver struck a woman today at Extansion 4, Mamelodi East next to Kiddies Arch Crèche.

The woman was severely injured and her neck was broken in the accident.

Two Cullinan Police officers attended the scene as well as Net Care and City of Tshwane ambulances.

“I was collecting rubbish outside my house, then I heard this car speeding, I then looked, instead of him to turn by the circle, he decided to take short cuts and that’s when this lady was crossing the street. He stroke her and I saw her hitting the window screen and fell down”, said the eye witness.

The police took the driver and his car, it was not clear whether he was arrested or just taken to the police station to give statement.

Family members were then called later on the scene before the women was rushed to the hospital.

The witness believes that the women was from church and heading home.

The community had experienced almost the same incident in the past five months, where two Primary school children were struck by small taxi’s and died immediately on the scene.

The issue remains the subject of a police investigation.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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