Mamelodi is blessed to have a UK man contributing to the community

UK imagePhilip Craig and his wife Andrea Pickles are  contributing to the Mamelodi community. The couple have been in South Africa for seven years. Philip has been volunteering at University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus for four years, helping kids coming to the library with their homework, with University applications and taking others for adventures like camping.

“I have met a lot of good kids at the library and this year it will be the first set of kids I’ve seen through from grade 8 to matric, I’m very proud of them all”, says Phil.

Phil and Andrea are currently sponsoring a young women from Mamelodi through college.  They also include her sister and have been helping them for almost three years.

“She and her sister are like daughters to us and helping them with anything they need is what we’re there for and not just them but helping other people as well is one of our interests and we’re enjoying it. It gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction to see other people achieving their potential “, said the couple.

Phil says he has met challenges dealing with the kids at the library. One of them being the poor quality of South Africa’s education and those teaching it.

He says he had seen children having unrealistic ambitions and often have no guidance at school or home.

They believe that if there was enough volunteering in communities and not only in Mamelodi, will help other kids as well and will ultimately build a better community for the future.

By Fortunate Machaba


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