SG Lourence to bring love to Mamelodi Community


A group of 51 students from SG Lourens Nursing College, visited Ikageng Mamelodi old age centre on Thursday morning to deliver health education.

The group leader, Nthabiseng Thokolo, said the purpose of the event was to make a difference in lives of people who are not considered as part of the community and not noticed in the society.

“This event gave us an opportunity to learn and apply the theory that we have learnt at college to the people in the community.”

Nthabiseng and her team wanted to make a change to the elderly’s lives by bringing them educational health, buying them gifts and cooking for them. This group is inspired to bring change in the lives’ of people  that have formed part of the nation.

Thokolo and her group visited the centre a day before the event took place to clean and prepare the centre for the event.

“I feel joy for being part of this event because it is an opportunity to put a smile on their faces, get to understand how they feel not to be visited at the centre, some of them are abandoned by their children and families and they never bother to come back to see them, when we see them happy it is amazing”.

They were there to show love, care and how important the elders are to the community.

Thokolo quoted her lecturer, Mrs Baloyi by saying “elderly is not a disease”, since they believe that elders should be loved and considered as part of the community.

Dorothy Dikhali, the centre manager was grateful to see young people visiting their centre and bringing such amazing gifts and education to the elders.

“It was a wonderful day filled with joy as we celebrate with the elders. We were honored to have SG Lourence student at our centre. They showered the elders with love  and beautiful gifts, there were singing, dancing, brought more than enough food. It was a special day indeed”.



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