Gauteng Leaders To Visit Mamelodi

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, and other Gauteng leaders came to Mamelodi, Extansion 6 on Thursday afternoon to address residents about the local elections.

Makhura delivered a brief speech and encouraged residents to vote for the ANC. Kgosientso Ramokgopa, Tshwane Mayor was also given a chance to take part.

During the speech, residents were told that they’re going to receive free houses, flushing toilets, and electricity.

“Our intention is to give people free houses bigger that RDP houses, we going to supply with electricity, flushing toilets, bursaries and improving roads.

Mamelodi residents in Phomolong didn’t have electricity for about three days and the community suffers from drug abuse.

Many of the youth in Mamelodi use drugs. Ramokgopa said Tshwane including the ANC uses about 50 million Rand every year to take them to rehabilitation and after the rehab process they ensure that they get jobs to prevent them from doing drugs”.

“I hope you going to vote for ANC so that all this can continue”, said the Mayor.

Thoko Didiza, newly chosen Mayoral candidate, made the residents aware that she’s not there to take anyone’s position and that she is a volunteer and she does what she has been told to do by the leaders.

“When I was walking here in Phomolong, residents told me that they need development, some of them have been living in the area for 15 years, I told them to go where we going to meet so they can make a change”, said Didiza.

Didiza blamed the leaders including herself that the residents are angry over their wrong doings.

by Fortunate Machaba

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