Bill Gates Delivers Mandela 14th Annual Lecture in Mamelodi


bill Gates at UP

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, visited Mamelodi on 17 July to deliver the Nelson Mandela 14th Annual Lecture.

The Nelson Mandela 14th Annual Lecture took place at the University of Pretoria Mamelodi campus on 17 July. According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Gates used the platform to honour its founder, Nelson Mandela and raise topical issues affecting the world to lay out his vision of how to create a better world.

During his lecture, Gates addressed the theme called ‘Living Together’ based on his beliefs that all lives of people have equal value. He said he is dedicated to building a world where everyone has a chance to lead a healthy and productive life.

Gates said he had admired Mandela whom he had met on many occasions. “One topic that Nelson Mandela came back to over and over again was the power of youth,” said Gates.

Gates believes Africa’s future rests in the hands of its youth and every effort must be made to ensure they thrive. He said he was optimistic about the future of the continent because of its young people.

Gates added that if young people are sick and malnourished, their bodies and their brains will never fully develop. If they are not educated well, their minds will lie dormant and if they do not have access to economic opportunities, they will not be able to achieve their goals. About 2000 people attended the lecture.

by Fortunate Machaba



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