Mamelodi Sundowns Goalkeeper To Support Young Starts


Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper, Kennedy Mweene visited Laerskool Morester this morning in Springs to support young soccer players.

Young stars under the age of 15 were first to hit the grounds followed by young lads under the age of 17 up to adult group. In2food Spring Valley  was there to support the event, they provided food, drinks and gifts to the Eagle Marshall players as part of Mandela Day activity.

“We would like to thank you guys for the opportunity to let us come here and share your day, when Donald Sekgobela approached In2food for help, we quickly agreed asking if we could make the day our contribution to Mandela Day”, said Andrea Pickles, Site Manager of In2food Spring Valley.


The event started this morning at 10 and many people were invited to join as part of the event. Mweene showed up as the teams were competing against each other just before adults started to play. Player’s parents and friends were also there to support the teams.

“It was a great event for the players and spectators, with some really good football being played.  The youngsters were really pushing to win despite it being a friendly “, said the supporter.

by Fortunate Machaba


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