Tears run down faces of Mamelodi Comedy Fans As Shumba Kills The Stage


Moses Shumba (29), Mamelodi popular comedian known as The real Shumba, visited Mamelodi west pub, Black Whole to perform his show. The event took place on Wednesday night.

The Original Shumba has three years experience as a comedian. He started at school making his classmates laugh. He never took his joke seriously  until 2010. He just enjoyed seeing his classmates and friends laugh.

“I know that comedy is my calling, because is something that comes inside me, is my passion and is well with me when I see people laughing, not just my friends but everybody who laughs at them, this made me realise how serious I should take my joke and this is how far they got me”, said Shumba.

One of the people that originally inspired Shumba is Shonisani Muleya, well known as Ashifashaba. Shumba shared a stage with famous comedians, Dj’s and singers like Mashabela, Dj Sbu and Mandoza.  Shumba hosts events in pubs, weddings and parties.

“I never came across challenges as a comedian, but I’ve seen people who performs at stage and people don’t laugh, I take it as a gift since is inside me to make people laugh, I sometimes found my self in a situation where I was just talking to people but they found it very funny and they laugh”, said the original Shumba.

It was never hard for him to perform on stage and make people laugh, people like him and find his jokes very entertaining, some of them cries as they laugh. Shumba has performed 200+ shows this year and still have more shows to perform.

For booking wedding comedian, parties and graduations, The Original Shumba is Available at: 0843364878

By Fortunate Machaba



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