Mamelodi Residents Took Initiative To Vote




Mamelodi residents took initiative to vote for the government on Wednesday, 3 August 2016 at Lehlabile Secondary School, Mamelodi, near Gardens.

Residents were expected to vote where they registered to vote. Lehlabile Secondary School was one of the schools used as a polling station for the residents to vote. Elders and other special cases were given an opportunity to vote a day before the elections. “I’m just happy that I voted for the first time and I now feel that I will get an opportunity to have a say”, said the resident, Tshepiso Mampuru.

 Mmina -Tau Seabelo Marishane, A councillor candidate,  said, Mamelodi residents turned out in numbers to vote for the government. “I feel inspired and confident about the elections, people turned in numbers to vote for the government”, said Marishane.

Makitla Makitla who’s been an ANC member for 21 years said voting is important because it is a way of changing the lives of people.  If we don’t vote, the party that we don’t want to be in power will be in power”, said Makitla Makitla.

 According to The Mamelodi Record, the first 2016 municipal election results were announced less than two hours after the voting ended on Wednesday night, 3 August 2016. The DA won 45% of the votes and the ANC 32% in Great Kei. It was confirmed that 1.4 million people registered to vote.

Following the elections 2016 in Mamelodi, Marishane said there is no a winner at the moment and ANC member, Makitla Makitla said he thinks that not a lot of people voted for ANC this time. He thinks it could possibly be that people are still angry for ANC not delivering what they promised and the president’s home, Nkandla it could also have an effect on the votes.

Local elections are very much important because they count towards the running of the country.  It helps more on the growth in the communities since the local leaders are the ones who are mostly responsible for development of communities and they should know what communities need. It is important because it is a way of changing our lives and others in the community. Local elections are relevant because they show cooperation and that as a community we care about our country and people who are running it.


By: Fortunate Machaba

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