Original Shumba Gets Challenged As Kidi Performs in Mahube Valley

20160814_193944[1]The original Shumba, a comedian, got challenged as Kidi Koma Sepela, Afro-pop and Jazz singer killed the stage on 14 August at Black Ball Fever Tavern at Mahube Valley Extension 3.

The “Black Ball Rocks”event took place on Sunday afternoon until late hours. Many people from the community were there to support the local artists. Shumba shared his comedy acts with the audiences and Kidi performed her songs to the audiences. The audiences seem to be entertained by their performances and donated money to show their appreciation.

20160814_192327[1]“I’d like to thank you all for coming and giving us support, I’m here to share my talent with you and so you know who I am and what I do,” said Kidi.

Both artists gave each other a chance to take the platform. Shumba was the first to open the stage and welcomed the audiences, followed by Sepela. The artist 20160814_193326[1]left early that night as they were going to perform in Mamelodi West, Black Whole Tavern. Bassanova, Ancientsoul and Fire from Mamelodi Life Band were at Black Ball’s Tavern  to perform as well.

“I’d like to thank Black Ball for giving me an opportunity to perform on stage, not a lot can do that as they will only focus on their businesses,” said Shumba.

20160814_201331[1]Black Ball Masombuka  gave speech as the Tavern’s owner at the end of the event to thank the audiences for their contribution and support.

“I thank you all for coming here to support our artists, there is still more events to come at Black Ball Tavern, Black Ball rocks,” said Black Ball Masombuka.

Click below to see the Kidi Koma Sepela Performance at Black Ball Fever Tavern:  https://youtu.be/EkzAkim9a6U


By: Fortunate Machaba


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