Meet A Young Artistic Fashion Designer In Mamelodi

IMG-20160901-WA0010 (1)

Kedibone Annah Nnawe (28), a young and independent woman who started her own businesses after matric in Mamelodi East, Extension 4 near Gardens.

“I started after my matric, I knew I wanted to be independent and didn’t want to have a normal job. So being an entrepreneur became natural to me”, said Kedibone.


Kedibone grew up in Mamelodi. She attended her Primary School at Bajabulile and High School at Gatang Secondary. She decided to become an entrepreneur after she matriculated and said it had always been her dream.IMG-20160901-WA0007

Her artistic nature and the pressure to perform inspired her throughout the process. She said it wasn’t easy to start her own business, not having enough funds or equipment to start with was one of the challenges she faced.

IMG-20160901-WA0008 (1)


According to Kedibone, as an entrepreneur you need to follow your passion rather than money. The more driven you are the more money you get. She always puts her customer’s needs first and makes sure they’re satisfied with her work.



“When you follow your passion money follows you”, said Annah.

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By Fortunate Machaba

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