The Time At The Park

Chilling with my pen and


The joint in my left hand

Dreams and realities in my


As I sat at the park visualizing the life

I want to have

Her floral dress, well built physique, her laughter from a distance caught

my attention

Her dark skin, life chocolate, her eyes big and


I caught myself thoughts deep in her presence

Although she was far I felt

She heard my body’s plea

For her attention

I had never been one to fantasize, but this girl

Caught me with wonder

The world stood still, the wind stopped blowing

Birds sang like genuwine

Lost for words, lost for actions

The only thing I could do was stare

When she stood up and walked my heart became

Intertwined with hers

Her name Nompumelelo

Born for wonders I thought this girl was

Her voice when she spoke from a distance😱😱

I fell in love at first glance

That one time at the park

By: Katlego Modise

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