Will Peace Ever Prevail In Communities?

Isn’t outrageous how, every time when people in the community beat up a young man or a boy to death in the street for stealing or breaking into their houses? It shows that our community suffers from the concept of “Ubuntu” meaning humanity.

The ignorance of our people in the community who pins out the fingers to the government for not creating jobs for the youth or free education for young people to be free from unemployment and free from crime. It shows you just how far our country still has to go when it comes to sustainable development to maintain peace in the country. Students won’t stop protesting until they get free education and crime won’t stop either until they get job opportunities, peace means provision of needs or service delivery to me.

We still have people living in poverty, people going to bed hungry, what do we actually do about it? This is where voluntary comes in. Volunteerism is essential for recommending peace, said Ambros in his speech during the press conference at Boston, Arcadia. I feel like if we come together as communities and build a society which we will all be living free from poverty, free from fights to generate peace. That’s what peace is really about.

Peace to me means coming together and uniting against conflicts, inequalities, visibility, inability, discrimination against each other, forgive and forget about apartheid, I see no piece as long as we still hanging in the apartheid issue. Not just apartheid but equality, especially in the work place if there won’t be any transformation and white people are always in power I still don’t see peace. If only white people get more opportunities academically and in anything than black people I still don’t see peace. I’m not trying to be racist but just giving minor facts. Seeing everyone as one despite color of their skin means peace to me. Peace means developing each other to benefit each others prosperity. Peace means holding each others hands and moving forward together. Being able to think, have compassion towards other people and most importantly understanding each others idea about peace and how they enforce it.

By: Fortunate Machaba


  1. I don’t condemn their [community] behavior of using mob-justice, nor the stealing and robberies in our communities.

    But, i think just because you are poor it doesn’t give you the right/excuse to steal from someone who’s in the same journey of poverty as you.

    As for jobs in our country, i don’t think the problem is lack of job opportunities however the problem is skills within our youth. Most of these people who commit those crimes do not have the required qualifications to be hired so the problem is lack of skills. So in order to deal with the problem you should start with the root.

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