Mamelodi Community Street Braai

Mamelodi East, Extension 4 residents, gathered together on New Year’s Eve to celebrate.



The event started at 10am  and some people didn’t leave until 5am. The members of the community said it was the most amazing celebration they’d ever had.






Members of the community, Bernard Chaka and his wife Tshidi organised this event and it was successful.

Every member of the community that attended compensated with R30, that included charcols, Braai stands and ice for each home in the community. Women in the street including Maria Mamogobo, Annah Skhosana and Violet Makola helped with the cooking for the neighbours.


“I’ve never seen such a great community spirit in my life, what has happened in this street (Mohama Street) it was amazing, I didn’t know we loved and cared about each other in this community until this happened, the support we gave each other proved it, said one of the neighbours, Maria Mamogobo. 2017-image-3










By: Fortunate Machaba


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