Not Only Women Experience Sexual Harassment

Too scared to know? You sound like me.

I never thought some women can harass young men. As a professional women are you not scared for your reputation? Not just women but men too. Since I’ve been sexually harassed I was expecting a young women or any women sharing their experience with us. Surprisingly not..This time is a young man, can you believe it!!!

A young men was open to share his story with us and his story is as follows:

A lady saw me on Facebook and started following me as a friend. She promised me that she will open doors for me. We arranged a meeting and met at the restaurant and she started being intimate (sitting on a compromising position). She was offering me an entertaining position at the industry. She just wanted someone with experience.

During the meeting, we never spoke about my job as an entertainer. She made an endangered clear that she wanted to have sex with me. I phoned my friends, they came and interrupted everything. Well we still friends on Facebook, never seen each other again. She got another job and relocated somewhere. Although we still talk on Facebook but the bond is no longer strong as before.

This is reality and is there. Sexism is bigger than racism and is totally wrong because it infringes other people’s rights,” said the victim. He added that “employers need to be clear on what they’re on about before so people will know what they’re expecting”.

I’m still shocked by this young men story. I never thought it actually exists in men. This has to come to an end to both men and women. #Sexual harassment is worst than I thought and has to be stopped.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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