Early “Xenophobic” Strike in Mamelodi East




Mamelodi East Residents had a strike last night near Mahube BP garage. They burned tyres and blocked the four-way junction with rocks and burned tyres. Taxis and cars were not allowed to pass through. Taxi drivers who were trying to force their way through were threatened that their taxis would be smashed so they were forced to use alternative roads.  It was not clear what caused the strike. Some witnesses said the strike was for service development in Phomolong and others said it was an early strike for xenophobic attacks that will commence this Friday.




img-20170220-wa0001The police attended the scene and dispersed the crowd peacefully. Rocks were removed from the road for the taxis and cars to pass through.

“We are going to unblock the road and disperse the crowd for now and we will later come back to patrol around the area to make sure nothing is happening, said one police officer”. Pakistani tuck shops were shut early last night due to the strike. According to the community members’ foreigners are no longer wanted in the community.




By: Fortunate Machaba

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