Samba Futebol Club’s Team Triumph Again


The competition took place on Saturday at Denel Dynamics in Centurion. The kids were from 8 years of age to 15. They took part in the tournament, playing in unimage-10der 9, 11, 13 and 15 teams. Samba Futebol Club chairman Thabo Kgotsa said, the coaches have been getting the teams ready for the league. “We attended the event because we needed to test the readiness of the teams for the league, said Thabo”. He added that the event was well supported for all age groups, the kids played and coaches got what they were looking for.

Kwemo Football Development hosted the tournament for the day.   image-3

The kid’s parents were there to support them and hope that their children will succeed in their passion for sports. “The event was well organised, I was happy with the level of the boys, they like what they’re doing and there is no doubt they will certainly contribute to South African soccer”, said one of the parents, Emanuel Edoun.

Under 15 Samba Soccer took the


competition beating Kwemo 3-0 on their final game. The team was regarded as one of the best teams of the day. The under 15’s have performed well in their last two tournaments. Samba Soccer will look to host a junior tournament around September 2017 for kids in grades R to grade 3.


By: Fortunate Machaba

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