Reasons Why Women Should Be Treated Fairly In The Work Place!

Women are just as special as men and deserve to be treated fairly, it doesn’t matter what type of job they work.

The fact that some women do not have power or have not advanced to positions of power because they don’t want to hold themselves out as leaders, does not mean men should take advantage of them. We know in many cases that women negotiate aggressively in terms of payment or how much they need to earn. However, sometimes women tend to accept any salary no matter how low it is. That’s where the problem starts… Because we start by accepting a lower salary just to get a start, they think we are desperate. I’ll share this from my experience…I grew up in a township and I’m not from a rich family. When I grew up I never understood what was too much or was too little for me, we used to accept anything we get and had hope for the best in future. Now reflecting this from when I was a kid, this plays a massive role. Why am I saying this? It is because some rich or successful business men take advantage on young women who want to succeed in life and want to pursue their dreams and have a better life but some of these men don’t want it to come easy for them and that is so wrong!!! Being from a disadvantaged background does not mean you are worth less than those who are not. They obviously think young women are desperate to such an extent they will do anything to keep their jobs and that is untrue. Some say women are hard workers, some say women collaborate and I say women are beyond all these words they use to describe them. I don’t see a reason for them not to be treated fairly. Can you imagine what the world would be like without women? Have the same perception for the work place…Men need to learn how to do things right, adapt to the concept of “professionalism” and use it when needed. Now the issue here is how can women end this. Women need to stand up and fight, build confidence, even where they think they don’t fit, have confidence to fit in, to make the right decisions and know their worth!!!

By: Fortunate Machaba

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