Scams These Days Are Unimaginable!

I’m working at the restaurant in Pretoria as a waitress. Yesterday when I was serving customers, a guy and a lady walked in the restaurant, placed their order and grabbed a seat. As I kept my eye on them the guy kept on going outside to answer the phone. Fifteen minutes later the lady came to us to ask if we saw the guy. My colleague and I said he went outside to take a call and we ask if she knew him since we thought they were a couple. The lady said the guy was a stranger and borrowed her phone and ran away with it. We called the manager to talk to her and we found out that it was a scam that the manger was aware of. The girl said she was going to Spar for her shopping and met this guy. The guy asked her to join him for lunch and she was interested in joining him. The guy borrowed the girls phone and it never came back. He was pretending to phone someone and this it’s just a scam. Apparently this guy is how he steal phones from people, said the manager. Be aware of people borrowing cellphones. It’s a shame because we can’t trust anyone this days even when you meet someone who’s in need you will just never know. Ladies be careful of these young men who pretends to be your date and steal your belongings especially cellphones. Who knows is not only men but women as well. Never hand in your cellphone to a stranger you won’t get it back scams are just beyond how we imagined them. I never took scams seriously until I read them on google after I got an email from a stranger asking me to help them get money out, it was something to do with money trapped in the bank and I had to help them by using my bank details since there was something wrong with theirs. I guess they think I was stupid enough to buy their story and I never did. I was lucky enough to ask my dad about it before I replied to the email and he told me that it was a scam. So be careful out there because I believe you will one day meet such people. Don’t let it happen to you. 🙂 Cheers!

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