Mamelodi Is In The Dark

Mamelodi Phase 3 residents have no electricity tonight due to a power failure. City of Tshwane shared a post on Facebook saying that various surbubs in Pretoria specifically the west of Pretoria are experiencing a power failure. The issue is caused by trips at substations. Areas such as Booysens, Claremont, Andeon, Suideberg, Mvs-line, Kirkney, Lady Selbourne, Daspoort are affected by the matter and not just Mamelodi Extension 8/Phase 3. “I feel bad when there is no electricity, it was after 3pm when I’ve realised that the power is gone”, said a resident Mulalo Monyanea. “Is my first time experiencing this since I lived in this area, the sad part is that I’m going to work tomorrow, I couldn’t iron my uniform, I haven’t cooked and I have a child. The other thing is that I work as a retailer and come home late so it is not safe when I come back home, said a resident, Tshepiso Ringane. It is reported that technicians are attending to the matter and is not yet known when the electricity will be back. City of Tshwane is asking the residents to switch off all non-essential equipment and geysers to make it easier for the technicians to switch the lights back. It is said that overload on the system can cause unnecessary trips at substations.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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