UP Students Bring Urban Vision For Mamelodi

UP-1A group of University of Pretoria honours students from Hatfield was involved in community projects around Mamelodi and came up with a vision for Mamelodi. They presented their vision and new ideas on Tuesday at University Of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. Three groups of students extracted information about Mamelodi as a township. They found out that large majority of Mamelodi has internet access which gives the community the opportunity to connect, there are various spaces that are not being used especially illegal dumping spaces. They believe that illegal dumping prevents the opportunity for Mamelodi to grow or turn into a better and safer place.


“Crime and informal dumping in Mamelodi East are largely connected to this open spaces especially wetlands and existing waste networks prevents the opportunity to turn the space into a safe educational places”, said Sarah Tuke one one of the students. Mamelodi route group highlighted Extension 4 park in Mamelodi East and the street for students wanted to be activated so is the safer place for the kids. It has been pointed out that Mamelodi is growing fast especially in the East and South. According to students research most people in Mamelodi travel out of Mamelodi for work. “We met a lot of parents at the creche and we found out that people travel very far for recreation pleasure as well as work from Mamelodi itself hence migration takes place everyday within Mamelodi, said Alexia Kolatsis. Mamelodi East is regarded as a strong place for culture and has resources such as rivers and traditional African resources as well as what the river can bring to the community.


“Mamelodi has a very high access of internet but low access to computers, high density in Mamelodi, very few business facility and poor tertiary education”, said Maxine Levy. Students were basically bringing new ideas for Mamelodi community, identifying what already exists and sort of come up with solutions that will change Mamelodi into a better place in future. They believe that Mamelodi can produce a potential of motivating and educating the youth. “We are quiet excited about what we want to do in the community, we are working with the local government municipality, we take the ideas everywhere we go because it’s important” said the Campus Director and head of residence, Edwin Smith.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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