Broke Tshwane Lead To Water And Electricity Issues In Mamelodi


Broke Tshwane caused Mamelodi East residents to face issues of water and electricity. The power cut issue has affected areas such as Extension 4, 5, 6, and 12 while Mahube extension 10, phase 3 and 4 were facing water issues. Mmina-tau Sabelo Marishane, the ward councilor mentioned that there are challenges that they are currently facing but they are currently working on resolving the issue. Residents had to move from one place to another to collect or seek water. “We have a very serious challenge but we are working on fixing water and electricity issue. The challenge we are facing is that we have no materials to fix the issue and that’s what takes more time to fix the situation, we also have the issue of paying the workers to do their jobs”, said the councilor. IMG_0380Residents have been experiencing this situation since Sunday morning. Rumors said they heard that the water issue will be resolved on Thursday but residents were fortunate enough to get water back on Wednesday morning despite in some areas they’re still experiencing power blackout. “We had electricity on Wednesday night but this morning when I woke up it was gone and I had to go to my friend’s house who lives in Phase 3 to get my uniform ironed and have a bath for school. We had the same problem on Sunday”, said a student from Extension 5. Although the local government is working on resolving the issue it is not yet known when the issue will come to an end.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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