Upcoming Artist Risen In Mamelodi

Gill Marcus

Photo from his Album

It is breathtaking to hear that in this day and age we have young people who want to change other people’s lives or who actually want to be a positive impact in others. Gill Marcus a hip-hop singer and rapper from Mamelodi East Extension 4 wants to give back to the community and teach young kids about music. Talking about his talent and passion he dropped his first album in 2014 called Don’t cross the line followed by Drop it low, Understand, They Wanna Know, Broken Heart, Expectation, Last Man Standing and You Know Whatsapp ft Bonx all available online. “I have been in the game for six years, I sing and rap and all my songs are available to download”, said Gill. Moving on to the fascinating part about Gill, he once featured Nano Jinx, Just cougar, Kastro, Lawd and P kid, achieved been part of Emtee rap auditions and performed for Richfield College and his music has been played by Pheli FM. As we speak he’s one of the Top 27 qualifiers in a Johannesburg competition that took place in Aukland Park. “I’m one of the top 27 qualifiers people have to vote on SMS: Rap 4 me Gill Marcus at 34907 and the SMS costs only R 1”, said Marcus. A proudly young man says he feel great about being an artist knowingly that he will be able to change other people’s lives out there and to save them from crime, drugs and abuse. For those who want to join the game or already in and want to be inspired Gill throws some astonishing advice “It is not about where you come from, it’s about where you going and setting your mind on your dream, keep on focusing, working hard and never give up”. So why not take the advice!

By: Fortunate Machaba


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