Students March Against Women And Child Abuse

student march

Vlakfontein students during march

Students from Vlakfontein Secondary School had a march yesterday morning against women and child abuse. The march took place after a man killed a women in front of their 2 children on Monday. The woman was working at Vlakfontein secondary school as one of the CPF’s. Eye witness said that the man came to take the women at school and took her to their room where she was killed. It is believed that the women was stabbed to death since the police found a knife covered with blood. The man is currently in custody and going to appear in court this Friday. The women opened  a case of sexual assault against the man before. “We are not satisfied about the decision that the police took and also not happy about what has happened to this women”, said Chairman of Vlakfontein leadership Tshepo Lekalakala.

students march

Students post written Stop women and child abuse; Away with killing of our parents away!

“we feel like the police are failing to protect us hence we had a peaceful march against women and child abuse”, said Amogelang Bogoshi, deputy chairman of Vlakfontein leadership. Vlakfontein charman and deputy chairman delivered a memorandum of their concerns and issues they face as students and leaders to the police commander at Mamelodi West, A5 police station yesterday morning. The police commander said they will take care of the issues rose by students and go back to school to address the leaders. “We have received the memorandum and we are still waiting for the date from the principal so we address the leadership students who was leading the delegation”, said Brigadier Tshayana, station commander. The commander said captain Mahwibila together with sector manager Lt Col Tshishonga will go to school to address the student leaders.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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