Mamelodi Concerned Mothers March Against The Killing Of Women

20170602_105953 (1)

Mamelodi Concerned Mothers marched this morning in Mamelodi West, A5 area in protest against the killing of women. Vlakfontein students joined the march from outside A5 police station to Maseko garage where they were addressed by the coordinator. The march took place after Phineas Mampane, who killed his girlfriend Lindiwe last week appeared in court this Monday. Phineas Mampane didn’t get bail and his case was postponed until July 21st. The ANC members, ANCYL, ANCW, EFF and COSAS were part of the march. “We were marching in court to combat crime rate of killing women is high, police must participate and listen to our complains, we are not saying they should arrest but they should combat crime”, said the Mamelodi concerned mother coordinator, Pretty Pimblett. The concerned mother of Mamelodi demonstrated the march with Phokoane Funeral Service hearse. After the march the students together with the concerned mothers gathered for updates for their next march that is going to be held on July 21. “We are expecting changes after the march, I want to see this man down or being killed because he killed someone”, said the student. Pheneas life seems to be in danger because the community doesn’t wish to see him free. Community members said if they see him they will hang him. ” This man should hanged because he’s ruining our reputation as men, now we are seen as murders in the eyes of the community”. According to the Law provided by an attorney who wish to remain unnamed, the state will have to enlighten the court if the investigations are complete. If not, it will have to be postponed for further investigations. If the investigators have completed then they will postpone for a disclosure to allow the accused to prepare a defense.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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