More Issues leading to illegal dumping


Phase 2 near the train track after clean

Ward 17 waste operating team were cleaning the dumping site around Mamelodi East today. They visited Mamelodi Phase 2 (Sporo village), Block 5 & 6 near Tsamaya road and Phase 3 (Mannyeu). The team come once after 2 weeks to clean the areas. There’s still no solution for illegal dumping. “We clean once after  2 weeks but it’s not helping the areas of dumping to be clean because people use this area to dump their rubbish, we are here today and tomorrow there will be people dumping rubbish in the clean areas, said the coordinator of the team.


One of the team member said is not going to be easy to come up with a fair solution because the municipality fails to come and collect the rubbish some days and that cause people to use open spaces to dump the rubbish.





“At first they used to give people who live in the informal settlement rubbish bags to use but the issue we are facing right now is that people who collect tins and bottles in the dumping areas destroy the plastics when they looking and rubbish will be everywhere”, said the member. One of the truck drivers said the issue of dumping is horrendous  in Mamelodi, he suggested that they should at least come twice a week to better the situation. The issue remains the subject to the municipality.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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