Finally Mid Exams Are Here

For those who have been working hard and preparing for this time of the year for writing mid exams, they’re finally here!!

Students across the country started writing exams on Monday. I can imagine the pressure they all going through and I hope they’ll all get through this. For those who haven’t prepared for exams, is never too late you can start today. Here are some advises on how you can manage pressure, stress during exams and motive to keep you studying hard without giving up. I hope this will benefit you even later this year when you’re writing your final exams.

  1. How to deal with exam stress:
  2. How to deal with pressure during exams:

I know how hard it is sometimes to confront the teacher to ask for help or even consult with them but believe me or not it is their job to help students pass their grades. You might be shy or feel like you are stupid to ask questions but what I’ve learned in high school and even at college there’s no such as a stupid question. You will be surprised on how many students in class you going to help just by asking questions. They are also afraid of asking questions just like you. Some of you have troubles at home that prevent you from studying but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your self. There are other alternative ways of studying. Use the library to prepare for your exams, do afternoon studies at school or simply set up an alarm to wake you up late at night to study. Most importantly don’t forget you need to sleep enough before exam, make sure you eat right, prepare before exams to avoid having a lot of pressure and practice…practice…practice! Good luck with your exams and I know you can beat the challenge!

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