Another Entrepreneur Achieve In Mamelodi


Materials he get from his people

Nkosana Leso his in his early 30’s and works as a recyclist in Mamelodi East near the University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. He started his business in January this year. He got funding that assisted him to purchase a storage container that he uses to store his plastic bottles, tins and glasses. Nkosana  permanently employs one guy and works with over 70 people on a daily basis. Those people collect the materials in different areas in Mamelodi and deliver them to Nkosana three times a day and they also get paid for the work. After the materials are delivered to him he get’s a truck that takes them to Hercules reclaim in Pretoria North. “My vision has encouraged me to have my own business, this is not where I wanted it to be and I want to take it further”, said Nkosana Leso.


His storage container and the scale he uses to weigh the materials

Nkosana has a vision of having a company that processes materials. He currently owns two small taxis that also brings him money everyday while he’s still running his own business. His business is successfully registered and he’s paying tax every year. “In the next few months I want to open another business in a different location”, said Nkosana. He was in custody for more than a decade and he met a guy in prison who happened to be his spiritual brother, mentored him throughout and encouraged him to go to school and become successful. He is also someone he talks to when he has issues. He studied financial management at University of South Africa (UNISA) during his time in prison. “I recommend anyone to have this kind of business nature but my advice is, they must be hard working, dedicated, not after money, have passion first then money will follow. Nkosana said there are a lot of people in the community that have best ideas of business but the problem they have is funding and enough support. He believes that if the local government becomes closer to the resident’s needs their businesses will also become successful.

By: Fortunate Machaba 

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