New Chief Appointed In Mamelodi



Chief Phala was newly appointed as a traditional leader this morning at Mamelodi West C2. Chief’s  from different areas and king Swazi were there to support the new chief.  Rev Kotu and his wife were also invited to match out the new chief. The event was not only about the king and chiefs appointing the new leader but to commemorate those who lost their lives during the student uprising in 1976. The purpose of the event was also to bring the youth together and educate them about the right way of following tradition. They also had candle memorial for those who have died of HIV & AIDS. “The purpose of the event is Mr Phala, the host made us come together as chiefs and being introduced as a traditional leader and also to commemorate those who have died on this day June 16”, said the spokesperson of King KK Sekhukhune, Nelson Phakwago. The spokesperson said he is very disappointing on how the youth of today celebrate this day. He said that young people need to change the way they celebrate this day. “Maybe we should blame parents for not teaching their children history and the purpose of June 16”, said King Sekhukhune’s spokesperson. Chief Phala gave a speech during the event, educating people about his culture. “We are celebrating culture, bringing the youth together and lead them to the right of way”, said Chief Phala. He also thanked Mrs Phetla for a firm welcome.

At the beginning of the event 



At the beginning of the event a Tswana dance group, Magogashedi (a group of young people) from Mamelodi west D1 welcomed the chiefs when they arrived.

Chiefs including Maritz Cape Kooi (Kooi san chief), Van Rooyen Griqua (Royal council), chief Mahlangu Ndzundza Mabhoko, National house of traditional leaders Londolozi and Nelson Phakwago (King Sekhukhune spokesperson).


Followed by Mamelodi Saint John Apostolic church from Mamelodi East, section 14 band formally matched out chief Phala. They participated throughout the event by playing the religious hyms in between the programs. IMG_0516

Later that day they had about 18 men called SK Sekhukhune performing their Sepedi dance.

ater that day they had about 18 men called SK Sekhukhune performing their Sepedi dance.

During the event


A team of two ladies from Multisectoral Response to HIV & AIDS in Tshwane their theme of the day being Candle Light Memorial, were given a platform to motivate the youth and adults including the king and chiefs about HIV & AIDS.

IMG_0522During their speech everyone including the kind and chiefs was asked to hold a candle and have a moment of silence to commemorate those who died of Aids and those who are still living with HIV & AIDS. After the moment of silence everyone was asked to snuff the candles and not blow it so to give them an idea of what people living with Aids feel. “You feel pain for only two seconds when you snuff the candle, can you imagine how much pain people who live with Aids gets everyday? but yet we are still calling them names, gossip about them not knowing how they’ve got it and how much pain they are going through”, said Dina Sibanyoni .

Almost end of the event

Everyone who have attended the event were given food and they were thanked for being part of the event after a long day from when the event started until it finishes.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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