Poetry Session Rocks!!!

I was one night out for a jog and met this guy Buyi Mnyakeni one of the owners of Voiceofkasikats. I was jogging for about 2k and I stopped for a stretch and he approached me so I listen to him and gave him attention. For that I got an invitation for attending a poetry session that took place today in Mamelodi East, Makuwe Chisanyama just opposite Putco. Him and his team of 3 have been running these sessions for 10 years. 20170618_173721 (1)Believe me or not if you one day take your time and listen to these young voices I swear you would want to do poetry. Either that or nothing. It was my first time and it rocked my world!. I thought I was going to write about it like I always do with any event I attend. Guess what? I ran outa words and don’t know yet the right words to describe what I saw today. It was flipping stunning. I still can’t get the right words as I speak! It was like a film, you know one of those movies where your attention is fully caught, that makes you feel like there is nothing you could do for that moment but just to watch it and give it even more time to. That moment when a young lady or men enter the stage and you don’t know what to expect and what you get is like “truth in its Sunday clothes”? That is poetry…I still admire Joseph Roux for his words. 20170618_165719When they entered the stage I felt my toe nail twinkled, I immediately fell in love with poetry and I’m like where is all that coming from? I wish I could ask if it took them a life time to bring that on stage in a day. Some of them made me feel like I’m lost and alone in the unknown world. We used to see many druggies, beggars, hijackers or criminals and all that in Mamelodi that people discourage this township about but today…today proved that Mamelodi have amazing and talented young people. Listening to them expressing their feelings, telling a story in a way made me realise I’m a poetry fan. So why don’t you try and see it for yourself. It’s worth it!!!

By: Fortunate Machaba

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