One Of The Best Days Of My Life

Yesterday was an amazing day at Boston City Campus in Acadia. Do you know why? I was graduating!!!


my self

I have been waiting for that day and it was the best day of my life. I’m still shocked though I knew it was going to come with no doubt. My first walk at college when I saw everyone who was there before me dressed up and looked amazing with their regalia on, I then thought OMG this is really happening. I walked in the room where they were all getting dressed and I saw this queue, students were looking for their names on the list…I went hang on a minute what is the first impression I’m gonna give if I’m not on the list? and I went Ah…that is impossible. I eventually found my name on the list like I expected it to be. I got my regalia, put it on and went for my first photo.

Kb 20170623_171114

My friend Keabetswe and her parents

I got outside where everyone was with their families taking photo’s. I looked around me and I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I saw happiness, proud parents faces seeing their daughters and sons graduating. Tear of joy dropped down my face and I have realised how proud mine will be. As I was enjoying the view I saw a car I thought it will be my mum’s and I slowly walked to the gate. When I looked it was my parents.. it was like someone just told me that they got me a box of that’s how grateful I was when I saw them. I walked back into college with them by my side giving me warm hugs and all that. After 5 minutes my younger sister and grandma arrived.


Me and my family

I saw this big smiles on their faces, more hugs and complements. That’s when I started to realise how amazing it is to graduate. More photos obviously with everyone. The best moment came when our names where called and have to walk on the stage and shake hands to the lectures and pose for the picture. Remember it was too many of us in there. I mean like it was fully packed!!! I just told my self one my dad said “Is gonna finish before you know it, enjoy your moment on the stage, don’t rush it” and I did. I walked slowly and enjoying the time I was given to walk on the stage. As scary as it was I still made sure that I enjoyed it with my dad’s word in mind. It was amazing.. seeing everyone as well full of joy and enjoying the ceremony.  It was like a dream. In my mind I thought, we are all going somewhere and this was the first step of our journey.


Me and my friends: Keabetswe and Precious

I still couldn’t believe until when I had to go and collect my Diploma and I went Oh yes! this is really happening. God is great and I thank him everyday for bringing the best in my life. Not to forget a couple I met 3 years ago. When I see them is just a reflection of my mum and dad, I see them as my parents and they are parents. They have been there since the first day at college until the last. I’m very lucky to have them in my life and I’m still grateful.  Also my family and all those who helped me and been with me from a young age I made all of them proud and this was what I always wished for. After graduations we went for the best lunch at the Greek restaurant. It was awesome! That was about it. If you haven’t got where I am right now. I wish you all the best and I know you gonna make it. For all of you out there, I’m sending best wishes. xx

By: Fortunate Machaba

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