Tjo!StoryFest Last Program Bringing More Famous People In Mamelodi


SA Depression & Anxiety Group, Inqubelo Foundation


Tjo!StoryFest held their last program today at University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. Their first program started yesterday 12 pm and was closed this evening. Today’s program was about community talk. Issues that Mamelodi residents face everyday. Issues such as drug abuse, teen suicide and gender tolerance. SA Depression & Anxiety Group, inqubelo Foundation and Florence & Fabian Ribeiro Treatment Centre were there to discuss personal stories from local organisations with the public.


Florence & Fabian Ribeiro Treatment Centre’s Psychologist and the service user

The Centre also brought their “service user” to the discussion so he shares his story with the public and also to let them know how helpful the treatment he receives from the centre is and how it could possibly change lives of other drug users. The “service user” has been using drugs for more than 10 years and joined the centre for treatment to stop using drugs. He started taking treatment on the 14th of June this year (2017) and already sees changes in his life and planning to stop using drugs. He said that he’s still in prison and the court has referred him to receive treatment from the centre. The centre is open to assist anyone who needs their service.



Author Nape Matana

Nape Matana, author of Hamba Sugar Daddy was part of the program, shared the story in his book, Sisanda Henna was an extract reader and they had an interactive discussion with the audience about the book and issue of sugar daddy in communities. Marah Louw and Hlubi Mboya, famous actresses were also there to discuss Marah’s book, I’ts me, Marah. Her book that was recently launched.

They also had a discussion with the audience. Hlubi Mbuya was the extract reader and the book was introduced by Thabiso Mahlape.


Marah Louw and Hlubi Mbuya

Questions that were mostly asked during the discussion was the challenges that they faced as authors while writing their books, if it was easy to write one and the message they’re sending across. The Campus Director, Edwin Smith, SOMAFCO alumnus and Tjo!StoryFest Director, Kgauhelo Dube were also attending the program.




By: Fortunate Machaba

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